DoubleClick Mobile Integrates with Mobile Ad Networks

Speaking of the wolf, here is an email I’ve received from the DoubleClick Mobile team not too long after having published my previous post on integration of DoubleClick, Google AdManager and Google AdSense.

(…) DoubleClick Mobile is now integrated with third-party mobile ad networks including Google’s AdSense for mobile content and many others. Now, publishers can use DoubleClick Mobile to manage mobile display inventory that’s been sold directly and indirectly, through automated access to one or more networks of mobile advertisers. (…)

The email continued with an invitation to join a webinar later today, titled “Mobile Monetisation: Increasing Revenues with Direct and Indirect Streams”.

I will not be able to join the webinar but the conclusions are pretty, pretty, pretty clear: Google AdSense has started to feed on the huge DoubleClick ad space cake, getting into whatever ad space it can.

I’ll follow-up with some thoughts on mobile advertising and small screen advertising soon ­čÖé