Zavers Launches Digital Network to Link Online, Mobile Advertising With in-Store Purchase in Real Time

Zavers Modernizes Promotions: Major Supermarket Chains in Northeast Deploy Platform; Leading Manufacturers Offer Digital Coupons

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – As the economy continues to strain consumers’ budgets, retailers and manufacturers are offering promotions online and on mobile phones to drive shoppers to stores. However, tracking and measuring the success of these promotions has been difficult.

Zavers, a digital promotions and information management company, is changing all that with the launch of its digital promotions platform, enabling manufacturers and advertisers to instantly measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, including which promotions are leading to sales. This innovation digitally closes the loop by measuring an offer from the time it is created by the manufacturer to the moment it is downloaded by the consumer to the actual retail sale. With Zavers, retailers can enhance their customer loyalty programs, and consumers can save money without having to clip or remember to carry paper coupons.

Zavers is the first digital coupon program in the New York metro area. The A&P, The Food Emporium, Super Fresh and Waldbaum’s supermarket chains have deployed the Zavers’ digital promotions platform in their locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Connecticut and Delaware. The adoption of the Zavers platform represents a significant enhancement to their customer loyalty club programs and CRM efforts, offering members a new, easy way to save on the products they want.

Leading product manufacturers are offering digital coupons for nearly 30 well-known brands with more than $40 in savings. Offers are available on a wide variety of food, health and beauty, paper, diaper and vitamin products. Coupons can be viewed and saved at each participating retailer’s Web site and at

“Zavers is the ‘missing link’ that finally accelerates the digital advertising market by linking ad impressions and retail purchases,” said Chris Shipley, CEO, Guidewire Group, Inc., a leading emerging technology market analyst firm. “Ahead of any company we’ve seen in this space, Zavers is winning over the trifecta of ecosystem actors and positioning to take the prize in the incentive marketing space,” added Shipley.

“This represents a major step forward for marketers and advertisers who can now link their online and mobile promotions with in-store redemption,” said Thad Langford, president and CEO of Zavers. “Zavers signifies the evolution of the inefficient paper coupon system to the new digital promotions model. This is extremely timely, as an estimated 85 percent of all American adults use the internet or cell phones — and most use both. It’s time to be where they are and for manufacturers and retailers to know which offers are most effective.”

“Now, more than ever, we are working to help our customers through these challenging economic times,” said Jennifer MacLeod, senior vice president, marketing and communications, A&P. “Digital coupons will allow our customers to not only save money but also time. Now saving more is effortless.”

Unlike traditional paper coupons, Zavers digital coupons provide the data product manufacturers need to optimize their marketing programs by instantly measuring consumer response to promotions from the initial online or mobile impression through to purchase at retail.

“Prior to Zavers, product manufacturers did not have an effective way to track and measure the success of their programs, and consumers wanted to save dollars without the hassle of clipping coupons,” said Anita Bajaj Newton, chief marketing officer of Zavers. “Understanding the ROI of their marketing spending is more important than ever for marketing and advertisers. With Zavers digital network, manufacturers and advertisers gain access to a wealth of data captured, from the time the consumer sees the coupon through its redemption at retail. With this data, manufacturers and advertisers can instantly track their marketing investment in real time.”

Innovative Approach Solves Paper Coupon Problems at Every Step

Here’s how it works:

* A brand manager at a manufacturer creates an online promotion, such as a dollar-off coupon, for their product. The coupon is featured and tracked in any digital media, such as banner and video placements in popular online and mobile Web sites, the manufacturer’s Web site, retail partner Web sites, the Web site and on Zavers mobile Web site.
* The consumer clicks on the coupon from the Web site and saves it in their free, digital account. Then, once at the register of their favorite participating retail store, such as the A&P supermarket chain, they simply swipe their loyalty card to automatically receive the discount and the discount is verified on the receipt.
* Zavers instantly captures and reports the redemption data to the product manufacturer who can see the sale’s effectiveness of their promotion allowing them to optimize their marketing investment.
* Zavers also provides real-time data to support the settlement of the coupon between the manufacturer and the retailer, with reduced fraud and disputes.

About Zavers

Zavers, founded in 2006, is privately funded and based in Kansas City, Kan. The company’s mission is to transform the experience of developing, using and measuring promotions for the manufacturers who create them, the retailers where they are redeemed, the consumers who use them and for partners who want to expand the use of promotions beyond the limitations of traditional delivery vehicles. Zavers has built a flexible and extensible promotions platform that can be used by manufacturers and retailers in any retail category to cost efficiently deliver promotions and engage consumers in their digital lifestyle. For more information on the company, please visit