Marchex Provides New Way to Sell Performance Advertising Products to Local Businesses with Self-Serve Offering

SEATTLE – Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHX), a leading performance advertising company, announced an extension of its award-winning Marchex Connect platform that allows partners to sell call- and click-based advertising solutions through an online self-serve interface, under their own brands, directly to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

This product extension is designed to support two Marchex partner profiles: Companies who sell their products to SMBs predominantly through an online channel; and Companies who want to complement their “feet on the street” SMB sales force with an online offering they can support through direct marketing.

With this new offering, SMBs can sign-up for call- and click-based advertising programs quickly and easily on a Marchex Connect partner Web site, providing partners with a highly efficient way to sell and support performance advertising products. Specifically, Marchex Connect partners can now select from one or more of the following ways to sell advertising products and set-up accounts for SMB advertisers, including:

(1) Through a Web-based account creation interface hosted by Marchex Connect;

(2) By leveraging a set of partner application programming interfaces (APIs) to create and push accounts to Marchex Connect through their own hosted applications or Web sites; or

(3) Through a private-labeled Web site managed by Marchex Connect.

“Our partners use Marchex Connect to help them grow their business; it’s up to us to provide them with the products that are in demand and the methods to efficiently reach as many customers as possible,” said Brooks McMahon, Vice President for Marchex Connect. “This self-serve addition demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative, scalable products and solutions to help our partners better serve local businesses.”

The Continuing Development of Marchex Connect

Marchex has continued to invest in its Marchex Connect platform and the updates announced add to the extensive program of development that has continued throughout 2009 and includes:
—           Mobile Campaigns.
Marchex Connect advertiser campaigns include the development and submission of mobile business profile pages to generate additional leads for local businesses.

—         Enhanced Reporting.
Partners can choose from multiple options to deliver advertising campaign performance data to SMBs. These options include: (1) A partner-branded reporting interface hosted by Marchex; (2) their own reporting interface, leveraging Marchex Connect’s reporting API to pull in the data; and/or (3) partner-branded report emails delivered directly to advertisers powered by Marchex.

—         Reputation Management.
Built using proprietary technology and covering reviews, mentions and listings data from more than 8,000 sources, Marchex Reputation Management is the first major extension of the Marchex Connect suite of SMB marketing products. It provides local businesses with a simple, comprehensive and effective way to manage their online reputation and grow their business using customer insight. Currently in beta, Marchex Reputation Management will be available to SMBs via our partner network in Q1 2010.

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About Marchex

Marchex, Inc. ( is a leading performance advertising company that provides Call- and Click-based products to advertisers. Marchex’s products support tens of thousands of advertisers, ranging from local businesses to the Fortune 50.

Marchex uses its sales, account management and customer service groups to source and support large direct advertisers, such as Allstate, American Express, Bank of America, Public Storage, and Roto-Rooter; and agencies, such as Neo@Ogilvy, Razorfish and WPP. Marchex also supports more than 100 resellers who use its products on a private-label basis to sell performance advertising products to their end customers, such as: AT&T, Cobalt Group, Local Insight Media (LIM), Yellowbook, and Yellow Pages Group (YPG).