Mojiva Announces Industry’s First Ad Network for iPad and Other Tablet Devices

NEW YORK – Mojiva announced that it has expanded its mobile advertising network to support advertising on the newly announced Apple iPad, as well as other e-readers, netbooks, and tablet platforms. Advertisers will soon have the ability to place their ads on this new generation of mobile devices, targeting a growing mobile audience.

The larger format screens of these devices will allow advertisers to create a rich experience for those interacting with their campaigns. Advertisers will have access to advanced analytics that go beyond impressions and clicks, and through to engagement with specific ads and functions within them, increasing their ROI. In addition, content publishers and application developers will be able to take advantage of the larger format to begin experimenting with new ad types, sizes and placements, which is expected to result in higher payouts.

“The introduction of the iPad will undoubtedly have a major impact on the mobile marketing industry,” says Dave Gwozdz, CEO of Mojiva. “Increasingly, consumers are making the transition to spending more time on the mobile Web than on traditional laptops or desktop computers. These new tablets will only help to further that trend, and create yet another medium for publishers and advertisers to reach people on the go.”

In February, the Mojiva network will have self-serve advertising and publishing capability to target not only the iPad, but the HP Slate, Amazon Kindle and Dell Mini 5 as well. The network will continue to add support for new devices that are debuted throughout the year. All developer SDKs will be available at: Currently, SDKs are available for the Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry platforms.


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