Online Advertising Veterans Launch New Ad Technology Company

aiMatch Leverages Advertising Intelligence to Help Publishers Define, Increase and Sell Premium Inventory

RALEIGH, N.C. – aiMatch announced the launch of the company and limited availability of its online advertising technology platform. Founded by a team of online advertising technology experts who have been entrenched in the industry since its inception, aiMatch is dedicated to putting advertising intelligence (ai) in the hands of online publishers, helping them create new and better defined audiences, create new revenue opportunities, and maximize the value of their advertising inventory.

aiMatch founders Jeff Wood, Guy Taylor and Ryan Treichler have more than 40 years of combined experience in the online advertising industry and have spent more than 10 years working together at Microsoft, aQuantive, Accipiter and Engage. The team has already established a global foundation with the addition of industry expert Steve Perks who leads the company’s efforts in EMEA.

Through their collective experience, the aiMatch team has played pivotal roles in solving the most complex challenges facing the online advertising industry. The team understands online advertising from all angles, creating a more holistic view of the opportunities and unique challenges publishers face. They have addressed the needs of local markets while implementing online advertising innovations in over 26 countries across six continents.

“While so many solution providers have been focused on helping publishers monetize remnant inventory, we recognized that publishers invest heavily in their content and need new tools to increase the value of their direct sold products,” explained Jeff Wood, aiMatch CEO. “That is why we are dedicated to offering solutions that leverage advertising intelligence to maximize their return on that investment.”

aiMatch also announced limited availability of its online advertising platform, currently open to early adopters, with full availability scheduled for June 2010. aiMatch has created a single, comprehensive solution for publishers to create, forecast, deliver and analyze online advertising products. The approach puts data in the hands of publishers for their benefit. The aiMatch solution is an open, extensible platform that can communicate with value-add systems for aggregating data into one actionable view, making it easy for customers to tailor to their specific needs.

aiMatch delivers advanced advertising intelligence tools to help customers manage and analyze data, and to make “intelligent” decisions based on that data. aiMatch overcomes the limitations of traditional ad serving solutions by enabling the analysis of unlimited amounts of data, ranging from the very simple to the extremely complex, and making that data actionable.

About aiMatch

At aiMatch we understand that premium, guaranteed inventory is a publisher’s primary online advertising asset. That is why the aiMatch solution is focused on publishers; to maximize and extend the value of that premium asset. We are not a Media Network or a “bolt-on” product. We leverage Advertising Intelligence to improve sales performance and drive revenue.

aiMatch equips publishers with multiple tools in a single solution to help them make intelligent decisions. We solve the complexity of business intelligence, forecasting, simulation and delivery with unprecedented and scalable capabilities that match the best use of a publisher’s online advertising inventory.

aiMatch connects insight to action, enabling users to view and interact with data in the “big picture” – to be proactive and effective in inventory placement, packaging and pricing. For more information, visit