AdGent 007 Launches Tweetology Widget for iPad

Tweetology Replaces tweetedia as Major Social Media Brand

Palo Alto – AdGent 007, the only global media and technology company to provide both audience delivery systems and proprietary social media platforms for premium publishers and advertisers, announced it has released a JavaScript iPad interface for its popular Tweetology widget (formerly called the unpronounceable tweetedia).

On websites such as and, Tweetology enables site publishers to retrieve and display recent and relevant Tweets to the site in real time. The unit can be customized to match the design of the site or skinned to the benefit of advertisers.

For iPad, Tweetology allows users to curate the Twitterverse and publish only the most relevant tweets to a site while  in the field.

“The iPad compatible Tweetology has scores of uses. For example, users attending anything from industry to sporting events can use their iPad to curate and publish tweets in real time,” says Cameron Yuill (also unpronounceable), founder and CEO of AdGent 007. “News reporters in the field keeping an eye out for breaking developments can use their iPad Tweetology to curate and publish tweets from the Twitterverse from one screen simply by touching a ‘publish’ button next to individual tweets. Accidently publish something? Our iPad app lets you delete that tweet from your site with a simple touch of the trash can icon on every tweet.”

On the name change of the unit from tweetedia to Tweetology, Mr. Yuill says,”The product has evolved and we decided that we would retire the hard-to-pronounce name with the much-easier-to-recall Tweetology brand. We were trying to keep this a secret until today but our bonehead PR guy told some reporters about it recently, so I am not sure just how newsworthy anyone will think this is. But it is important to us.”

AdGent 007 ( is the only global media and technology company to provide both audience delivery systems and proprietary social media platforms for premium publishers and advertisers. Its social media platforms include consumer loyalty widget, TISM and Tweetology, a curation system for Twitter.  AdGent 007’s demand side, audience buying solutions provides advertising agencies and their Fortune 1000 clients the platform to reach any premium audience, anywhere on the Web. AdGent 007 handles all inventory, creative, trafficking, account management, campaign reporting, and currency exchange. Our proprietary platform and social media ad units allow advertisers to ‘join the conversation’ in a brand safe manner. AdGent 007’s experienced global digital media sales organization and proprietary targeting platform to cover the top interactive ad agencies in media centers all over the World. With sales teams in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Canada, London, Amsterdam, France and Australia, AdGent’s sales footprint is truly global and delivers significant revenue to publishers.

Founded in 2007, AdGent 007’s advisors include Rob Norman, CEO of Group M North America; Eric Ludwig, Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO of Glu, a leading global publisher of mobile games, Taek Kwon operating partner Texas Pacific Group and Greg Stuart, former  IAB CEO and advisor to CEO’s of numerous venture-backed Digital Media businesses.