AdoTube In-Video Format Index Shows Use of Interactive Ads Tripling and Click-Throughs Growing by 59%

NEW YORK – AdoTube announced the release of its very first In-Video Ad Format Index. The results showcase an increasing interest in interactive ad formats, which now account for 33% of ads served by AdoTube. In addition, the diversifications of ads have raised the overall CTR on their network by 59%.

The index is the result of analysis on 1.2 Billion impressions across the AdoTube network and provides an overview of the growth and effectiveness of their different in-stream video ad formats in four categories: branded overlays, interactive overlays, standard pre-rolls, AdoTube’s new Polite Pre-Roll®. Highlights from the index findings include the following:

– Use of interactive ad formats grew from 12% to 33% of ads served by AdoTube from ‘09 to ’10.
– Interactive overlays are 83% more effective at driving click-throughs than are branded overlays
– While CTR growth for standard pre-rolls remains stagnant, CTR growth for Polite Pre-Roll® is expected to jump 133% from Q2 to Q3 2010, becoming 63% higher than the standard pre-roll
– In A/B Testing the Polite Pre-Roll® has a 36% lower abandonment rates for publishers
Included are discussions of overall trends in adoption as well as metrics regarding click-through and retention rates. To view the full index and findings, visit the research section of their site. (

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