TagMan Offers Forrester “Tag Management” report – free to industry

Forrester Recognizes Importance of Tag Management Systems: Value, $499.

Four years after TagMan created the first Tag Management System, Joe Stanhope, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research produced a terrific white paper called “How Tag Management Improves Web Intelligence” a few months back. Now through the “magic” of licensing, TagMan is making this available to the industry as a free download, here: http://bit.ly/WhitepaperDownload

Just in case you can’t be bothered to read the whole thing or need a little more convincing to read it, here is a scintillating synopsis of Stanhope’s insights.

Tags are a growing problem that shouldn’t be ignored Stanhope’s points out that JavaScript tags are “omnipresent on Web sites, supporting a wide variety of analytics, marketing and technical services.” Unfortunately, with the ubiquity of tags comes a myriad of new problems:

• Adding and changing tags is a growing burden on the IT department
• The current process for changing tags is highly inefficient
• High probability of duplicate and outdated tags
• If the tags are wrong, so is the data they are supposed to provide

You need to determine the full extent of your tagging problem
In the white paper, Stanhope provides a relatively simple web site tagging audit that makes it easy for you to determine how tags currently impact your website. Using a 1-3 point system, the audit asks the reader to consider six key categories:

• Number of JavaScript tags
• Time required to add/change tags
• Frequency of additions/changes
• Number of parties involved in tag management
• Overall site complexity
• Impact of tags on page load time

Forrester sites a number of benefits of tag management systems Not surprisingly, for those that do the audit and end up with a high score, Forrester recommends investing in a tag management system. (Thank you Forrester—we couldn’t agree with you more!) Here are some of the benefits of deploying a tag management system sited in the white paper:

• Increased accuracy of analytical data
• Increased efficiency when changing/managing tags
• Reduced reliance on any one supplier for data
• Puts tag management in the hands of those that need the data
• Enhanced page load performance since unmanaged tags slow pages down

Forrester includes TagMan among leading Tag Management System vendors Forrester lists five tag management system vendors including TagMan without showing preference to any of us. We appreciate their unbiased approach since this makes their white paper that much more credible.
And as the global leader in tag management, TagMan hope you’ll enjoy your free copy, do the audit and then give us a shout.