Lucini & Lucini Reaches 50M Users, Offers Digital Ad Agencies an Effective Tool For Reaching Global Consumers

Consumer web company announces expanded features for its ADsender email delivery technology, which can send up to 2B targeted emails a month to 50M opted-in consumers worldwide

LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK – Global consumer web company Lucini & Lucini Communications Group, based in Milan, Italy, has announced its 50 million user milestone as the company simultaneously announces plans to expand the features of their ADsender technology platform. To date, the company has sent billions of targeted, brand-specific emails to consumers in their opted-in database from companies looking to extend their marketing reach through trusted distribution channels.

These clients include brands such as: Google, Cisco, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Disney Mobile, Club Med, Bic, Philips, L’Oreal, American Express, Dior, Bvlgari, Nokia, Porsche, Mini, Jack Daniels, Heineken and Red Bull. Lucini & Lucini’s streamlined platform means that marketers have access to a pool of global consumers who are looking for special offers from major brands, while simultaneously having access to a secure, email delivery technology. These consumers, who are signing up for Lucini & Lucini daily emails at a rate of 100,000 per day at less than 8 cents USD per acquisition, are concentrated in a variety of emerging markets including China, India, and Brazil.

“Lucini & Lucini has enabled us to have greater impact on market segments that require growth and has helped increase our sales tremendously,” remarked Savador Aldana of Ganando con Ingles.

Added Michal Soltys of NetAffiliation: “We have been working with Lucini & Lucini for the past several years to reach consumers in various countries including Poland, Russia, Brazil, and all of Latin America. Their high quality email marketing services are prompt, efficient, and secure; and we always reach our goals for these performance campaigns which means our clients are satisfied!”

U.S.-based Eclipse Marketing & Advertising recently reported that a survey conducted through Lucini & Lucini well-exceeded expectations. Although they made outreach through several distribution channels to secure feedback, roughly 75% of the total 1,098 responses came through Lucini & Lucini’s ADsender outreach. Additionally, because of Lucini & Lucini’s global user base, the concept ads tested differently in every market, which increased the credibility of the firm’s research.

Over the past decade, Lucini & Lucini has opted-in millions of users for daily email campaigns through consumer-facing websites; in turn capturing key contact data, user habits and preferences from a global consumer base. Currently, the company opts-in nearly 100,000 new users daily and anticipates that number to increase exponentially over the next six to twelve months. As the user-base continues to grow, the company will begin building ADsender features, which will allow for a self-service option for worldwide digital advertising agencies.

About Lucini & Lucini Communications Group

Founded in 1999 Lucini & Lucini Communications Group ( is a consumer web company based in Milan, Italy. Through its consumer-facing web properties the company subscribes users, captures data, and engages with global audiences in key emerging markets including India, China, and Brazil through targeted email marketing campaigns. Additionally, its proprietary technology platform, AdSender, can send up to 35M direct emails per day in multiple markets.