adsmobi Announces the Hiring of Two New Heads of Sales in New York and Singapore

Michael Coppola and Malcolm Wong to become new Heads of Sales for adsmobi

NEW YORK & SINGAPORE – Fast-growing mobile media buying platform adsmobi announced today the hiring of two mobile advertising veterans to key sales management positions in New York and Singapore.

Michael Coppola will Head up the sales operation in Americas from NYC headquarters. He brings with him exceptional mobile product, marketing and monetization insight from both the Ad Network & Platform models, including device agnostic distribution across Apps & Mobile Web. He has a proven track record of managing/developing strategic relationships within the market and worked closely with leading brands such as Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Warner Brothers, US Army National Guard, Jeep, Scion, Geico, AOL, ESPN, etc.

Malcolm Wong will lead the sales operation in Asia based in adsmobi’s Singapore office. He has been in digital and mobile marketing for the past seven years and holds extensive experience setting up mobile advertising channels for leading mobile Internet advertising companies, media agencies, social media sites and mobile portals. He has managed both sales and marketing projects globally and in the Asian markets.

“adsmobi continues to generate increasing revenues and partnerships with brands and services companies in 2011. We are pleased to announce the recruitment of these two highly experienced individuals for the Head of Sales positions in the Americas and APAC regions. They will help to expand our worldwide service and become key drivers for adsmobi’s success in 2012!”stated Ramy Yared, MD of adsmobi Inc.

About adsmobi Inc.

adsmobi is a mobile media buying platform focusing on placing successful mobile campaigns for mobile advertisers. Adsmobi is totally focused on the advertiser and “buy side” of the mobile advertising ecosystem.

adsmobi delivers premium advertising traffic and global reach for advertisers through a partnership with the leading mobile mediation and optimization platform Smaato. adsmobi matches agencies and brands, with the best mobile publisher inventory to achieve their mobile ROI goals. The adsmobi ad server will help effectively manage media planning and buying with the flexibility to target a desired audience at the right time, at the right place, on the right device.