KissMyAds Doubles Publisher Base, Quadrupling Number of Profitable Affiliates in 2012

Preliminary report from first 11 months of 2012 show KissMyAds gain international exposure

· By December, KissMyAds more than doubled its number of Publishers

· 17 % rise in connected affiliates within the first 2 months of Q4

· Four times as many Publishers as in January 2012 are making profits

Cologne – Germany-based Mobile Performance Marketing Network KissMyAds [], today reported preliminary insight into the affiliate side of its mobile network, highlighting strong growth in both the number of Publishers that are cooperating with it and the number of affiliates able to turn a lucrative profit. KissMyAds Founder and CEO, Florian Lehwald, stated “This is an important message to advertisers: If you are looking for mobile consumers, our reach is growing globally by the minute.”

Between January and the end of November 2012, the total number of Publishers connected to the mobile marketing system of KissMyAds more than doubled, Florian Lehwald said. “The numbers have been exceptional especially in recent months”, Lehwald reported. In the first two months of the final quarter of 2012, the number of affiliates had risen by 17 percent – and continues to grow daily.

It’s safe to say that Publishers are turning to KissMyAds for a good reason. The likeliness of monetizing mobile marketing with the fast growing Startup is dramatically rising. At present, the number of Publishers who have reported profits from the KissMyAds network has grown to more than four times the amount as in January. And there has been exceptional growth in Q4, with the number of profitable affiliates jumping up some 60 % in the months of October and November alone. “This shows that our expanding team is doing an outstanding job of personal account management and market exploration”, Lehwald says.

KissMyAds provides Publishers, Advertisers and App Developers with the network and technology to monetize their mobile traffic. KissMyAds is the Cologne-based Mobile Performance Marketing Network offering customized technical solutions to start and fine-tune all high performance campaigns on the mobile web. Based on state-of-the-art web technology, KissMyAds offers Advertisers, Publishers and App developers an easy, risk-free platform to monetize their mobile web traffic.