PunchTab Allows Developers to Build Rewards and Gamification Into Any Android App

PunchTab Loyalty and Rewards SDKs Now Available for Both Android and iOS platforms; Developers Can Use the Free Toolkits to Offer Incentives That Increase User Engagement

PALO ALTO, CA – Loyalty and engagement platform PunchTab today released a free Android SDK that will allow Android developers to attract and retain more users by adding customized loyalty and reward programs to any mobile application.

While many mobile game developers already use game mechanics such as points to reward user activity, most other app developers have been slow to apply this approach — there simply hasn’t been a turnkey way for them to do it. Now, developers who want to increase app usage and engagement can now use PunchTab technology to incentivize desired actions, such as sharing the app, using the app on a regular basis, or hitting certain levels in the app. Users who complete these actions can be rewarded with points that are redeemable for a number of different virtual, social, and real-world rewards.

“With the competition for users’ attention at an all-time high, app developers need every viral advantage they can get,” said PunchTab Founder Mehdi Ait Oufkir. “We created this SDK with simplicity in mind. It’s just a 2-step process: drop in the library and annotate your code, and you’re done. Your app is reward enabled.”

This solves a major problem for developers: acquiring and retaining users in a hyper-competitive environment. There are now around 800,000 apps in Apple’s App Store and more than 750,000 for Android, making it difficult to attract new users. Getting people to download an app is also just the start. According to Appcelerator, 80 percent of mobile apps are used only once and then abandoned. Individual app usage is also on the decline, with the average app being used only 3.7 times per week, down from 6.7 times per week in 2009, according to Flurry. This may be due to the number of apps people have on their devices. According to Nielsen, the average user now has 41 apps on their smartphone, up 28 percent from 2011.

“With features like reward-enabling daily visits, adding a PunchTab loyalty program to Android apps would mean more users coming back more often. In a competitive market where app abandonment is a significant challenge, PunchTab’s SDK can be a game changer,” said Pradeep Elankumaran, Co-founder & CEO of Kicksend.

PunchTab is also available for the iOS platform. For more information on PunchTab’s developer kits visit www.punchtab.com/developer.

About PunchTab, Inc.

Founded in January 2011, PunchTab is a multi-channel loyalty and engagement platform that enables agencies, brands and enterprise organizations to incentivize user behavior and drive business success. PunchTab’s customers use the company’s flexible solutions to deepen audience engagement and build awareness by leveraging everything from social sharing and UGC and awareness campaigns to sophisticated B2E and B2B programs. Unlike solutions that are either high priced and heavy on consulting services, offer one-size-fits all rewards or only provide rigid templates, PunchTab offers both an out-of-the-box product and a fully customizable, white-labeled solutions that can reward any action with virtual, social and real-world rewards. For more information, please visit www.punchtab.com.