ChoiceStream’s April Audience Cost Calendar Finds Careers and Automotive Segments Rising in Online Advertising

BOSTON – ChoiceStream, the top choice for brand advertisers interested in advanced target optimization and programmatic buying, announced the next installment of its Audience Cost Calendar — a monthly aggregation of impressions traded on digital ad exchanges. The Audience Cost Calendar was created to help media buyers and marketers understand the trends in the cost of various online audiences. This month looks at March’s data and highlights the top traded audience segments, including Careers, Automotive and Holidays & Events.

“Some of the results of the Audience Cost Calculator were surprising in March – namely the segments that grew”

The overall top five best performing segments based on increased cost of the targeted inventory, for the month of March include:

  • Careers: Customer Service – 71 percent above average
  • Holidays & Events: Baby Showers – 70 percent above average
  • Careers: Human Resources – 49 percent above average
  • Sports: Tennis – 48 percent above average
  • Automotive: Economy – 42 percent above average

“Some of the results of the Audience Cost Calculator were surprising in March – namely the segments that grew,” said Bill Guild, vice president, product management and marketing at ChoiceStream. “The hunt for skilled professionals is clearly on the rise; however, it was interesting to see that the cost of the Baby Shower segment was so much higher than the cost of the major religious holidays that took place in March, such as: Easter, Passover, the appointment of a new Pope, and—of course—Saint Patrick’s Day.”

Getting Back To Work

With unemployment at a four-year low (7.7 percent), it’s encouraging to see that five out of the top twelve ranking segments in March were career related. Leading the April Audience Cost Calendar in both rank and relative cost was the Careers: Human Resources segment. Other spikes in the Careers segment include: Customer Service, Clerical and Administration, Travel, Hospitality, etc. and Public Utilities and Services.

Automotive Segments Still Revving Their Engines

Though most Automotive-make specific related segments fell in relative cost during the month of March, the broader Automotive segments continued to rank high overall in the April Audience Cost Calendar. Topping the list and showing up in the top 10 ranked segments were the Automotive: Economy and Automotive: RVs segments. Other top ranking segments within Automotive include: Domestic Auto and Off Road Vehicles.

To view the full infographic, complete dataset and the most active categories for the month of March, take a look at ChoiceStream’s Audience Cost Calendar here.

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