We’ve Gone Mobile: Introducing Sharethrough Mobile

We are very excited to announce the launch of Sharethrough Mobile, a technology solution to power native advertising across the mobile web. We’ve been testing and iterating on our platform for some time, and we are confident we’ve delivered a product that will significantly impact mobile monetization while maintaining the best user experience possible. Native is the most elegant and most impactful form of advertising built for the mobile web. Web publishers continue to see explosive traffic growth and migration of users to mobile platforms and brands are eager to interact with these users with native, organic units. Today’s options for mobile advertising don’t provide a user experience that matches the quality of the devices we hold in our pockets, nor do they provide publishers with a simple way to integrate brands into their content experience. With the launch of Sharethrough Mobile, we believe that things are about to change.

A number of industry leading publishers, including PEOPLE, Serious Eats and Forbes, are already using the Sharethrough Mobile platform to power native ads on their mobile websites.

We are also distributing mobile only campaigns for leading brands including Cruzan® Rum, Sauza® Tequila, and Pepsi.  Both Cruzan Rum and Sauza Tequila are using Sharethrough Mobile to reach engaged audiences for video campaigns, including Sauza Tequila’s “Make It With a Lifeguard,” video series.

Pepsi ®, is currently using Sharethrough Mobile to distribute the video ‘Pepsi Beyonce “Mirrors”,

“At Pepsi, we strongly believe in creating advertising that is genuinely entertaining and promotes our content through ways that are respectful to our audience,” said Josh Nafman, Sr. Digital Brand Manager, Pepsi ®. “Sharethrough’s mobile platform will help Pepsi reach audiences in a way that upholds our values of engagement and compelling advertising experiences. We’re excited for this new channel to connect with our fans on their mobile devices.”

So how does it work?

Sharethrough Mobile allows brands to promote all of their original content including:  videos, articles, posts, reviews and more. Sharethrough Mobile will appear as part of the stream of content within a publisher’s mobile site, labeled as sponsored content, and automatically updated to match the look-and-feel of the organic site content. This allows advertisers to promote their content in placements across the mobile web that are native and assume the look and feel of each site the ads appear on.

How do you make ads look and feel native?

Real Time Templating (RTT), a technology developed by Sharethrough, allows our advertising platform to identify the style elements of any webpage (fonts, colors, lightboxes, etc.) and match each ad to those attributes, in real time. Also, our RTT technology allows us to match any future updates to the style template, so if a publisher changes their design, the ad will remain consistent with the new style elements.

Are these ads effective?

In a word, yes. The Sharethrough solution was built to work in a mobile “scroll-centric” environment. The Sharethrough Mobile native ad units do not interrupt the user experience – which not surprisingly according to Forrester is the most frequently requested mobile ad feature. Our mobile ads are ideally suited to the smaller screen content and advertising real estate of mobile devices. Sharethrough Mobile enables brand messages to stand among site content, with up to one-third of the entire screen dedicated to brand content.

Our Vision

We are confident that our mobile distribution and advertising platform will help advance the entire mobile advertising industry. Our goal is to be the leading provider of native ad products across all platforms and to create technology that makes advertising more integrated and useful – today we feel just a little closer to that vision. If you’d like to learn more about our mobile advertising solutions, please click here.

About Sharethrough

Sharethrough is the leading provider of native advertising technology solutions for brands and publishers. Fortune 1000 brands and their agencies work with Sharethrough to guarantee audiences and maximize social engagement for their original branded content, and social web publishers partner with Sharethrough to create native, non-interruptive brand content placements via the Sharethrough native advertising platform. Founded in 2008, the company now has 85 full-time employees and is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York and Chicago.  Sharethrough is privately held and please visit www.sharethrough.com to learn more.