Introducing TweetPeddler

Marketing has changed drastically over the years, and today’s social media platforms have become one of the best ways to market your service, product or message to millions of people. Twitter especially has the power to help you advertise your products, and if used wisely, it will help you reach your target market fast.  While traditional print and television advertising isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, the accessibility of social media can be the ideal marketing tool for small businesses, artists, authors and today’s growing business ventures!

So What’s TweetPeddler All About?

TweetPeddler is wholly dedicated to providing a simple, user-friendly platform for avid tweeters who want to generate revenue and marketers looking for a specific tweet niche!  Beyond the simple interface, this brand new service works to connect advertisers looking to buy tweets with those very publishers.  Furthermore, publishers can sell tweets at a fixed price, which can generate greater funds and a nice, steady income stream to boot.

The Benefits of Tweet Peddling.

Especially with Twitter marketing constantly on the rise, this particular service is a breath of fresh air amongst other twitter marketing services online.  A bad user experience, interface or registration process can repel both buyers and sellers from a site, but fortunately TweetPeddler has harnessed that balance between beautiful design and easy navigation.

Furthermore, there is a step by step tutorial that will actually guide you through the process, whether you are there to sell or to buy tweets.  The registration process is quick and easy, leaving more time to sell tweets right away and buy them up just as fast.

Advertisers can even edit the tweets they’ve bought, which is a fantastic advantage!  This way, you have complete control over how the tweet will appear to the twitter users you want to target.  In keeping with this quick tweet service, messages can be posted instantly if desired.

If you’re an online marketer, you also have the ability to hand pick your favorite accounts to buy tweets from!  This way, you can narrow down your collection to only those accounts that are most relevant to the audience you’re marketing to.  Knowing that your tweet will be read by the audience you want, there’s that comfortable assurance that you’re truly getting your money’s worth, and at a considerable deal!

It’s great to stumble upon an easy, quick and efficient service that not only values the interests and budget of advertisers, but values dedicated twitter users looking to sell tweets!