The World’s Most Cross-Channel Digital Consumers Revealed in New Report from Turn

The World’s Most Cross-Channel Digital Consumers Revealed in New Report from Turn

Top 2% of online audience 4x more likely to engage with brands across multiple channels; Marketers spend 108% more to reach elite users

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The top 2% of the global audience engages with cross-channel (combinations of mobile, display, social and video) advertising at four-times the rate of all other consumers – according to the new Q2 2013 Digital Audience Report from Turn (, the cloud marketing platform. This Digital Elite audience is so in-demand that marketers spend 108% more to advertise to them than to anyone else.

The report (accessed at highlights many invaluable insights for marketers seeking to reach relevant audiences through cost-effective digital advertising strategies.

It is based on an analysis of data from the Turn platform, which every day makes more than 75 billion advertising decisions, analyzes over 1.5 billion anonymous customer attributes, and provides instant access to billions of digital ad impressions – resulting in an unmatched ability to provide game-changing insights.

This global premium audience segment, the Digital Elite, are most likely to earn above $76,900 a year, to be aged 21-34, and to be white-collar professionals. Turn has discovered that they are the world’s most cross-channel consumers, and this new report explores the Digital Elite with an unprecedented level of actionable deep data insights about who they are, and when and where they engage with brands.

Findings in the Q2 2013 Turn Digital Audience Report about the Digital Elite, the world’s most cross-channel audience, include:

•       They are 32-times more likely than other consumers to engage with brands across three or more channels.
•       Their habits make them very attractive to advertisers, who spent 40% more to reach them than in Q1 2013.
•       Eighty-three percent of digital elites live in the U.S. This is down 2% from Q1. As expected, the explosive development of markets in the E.U., Asia-Pacific and South America are making this a truly global group.
•       In the U.S., the elite like fast-food, shop for men’s clothing and have an advanced degree.
•       Brazilian elite are soccer fanatics, love playing music, spend at restaurants and on sporting goods.
•       British digital elite like documentaries and comedy, and prefer running to golf.
•       In Australia, they spend on fine dining and at upscale hotels, but not at department stores.

“Marketers are beginning to understand the benefit of engaging the ‘digital elite’ audience for their own brands and having a conversation with them across channels,” says, Paul Alfieri, vice president of marketing, Turn. “In 2013, there’s been a 200% increase in our customers’ use of paid data to target campaigns across mobile, display, video and social, and the payoff is clear in the lift in results when they reach consumers through all the media they touch.”

The report highlights other critical data for marketers in the U.S., E.U. and Asia-Pacific, such as eCPM trends across channels and regions – insights that show the possibilities for reaching audiences efficiently at scale.

Among the other findings from the Q2 2013 Turn Digital Audience Report:

•       Online video became significantly more expensive, going up 10.4% from $9.99 eCPM in Q1 to $11.03 this quarter. A lot of impressions moved from the bottom of the price range (the lower 25% of prices) to the middle price range (toward the median). This is indicative of a maturing market, where the easy buying at the low end is starting to dwindle.
•       Display ad eCPM continued their climb, moving up 15%, from $1.06 to $1.22 in Q2. This is due to growth of private marketplaces helping to set floors on pricing and advertiser use of paid data to find more valuable inventory.
•       Mobile eCPM skyrocketed 40%, from $.72 in Q1 to $1.01 in Q2. This surge is from increased demand by advertisers for quality inventory, and specifically competition for iOS (iPhone and iPad) inventory, which typically attracts a higher eCPM.
•       Social soared 62%, with Facebook and Facebook Exchange ads now fetching $.35 vs. $.24 eCPM in Q1. Major brands are looking to Facebook as a source of premium retargeting impressions.

Turn provides two real-time marketing applications: Audience Suite, an enterprise data management platform, and Campaign Suite, a digital media buying platform for video, mobile, social, and display advertising. Turn works with the world’s top brands, agencies and trading desks including Aegis, AT&T, Chrysler, Experian, IPG/Mediabrands, OMG and Vivaki.

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