Study Exposes the Need to Enable True 1:1 Marketing at Scale – Acxiom

Targeting and measurement across channels, formats, and devices remains a significant challenge

New York, NY. – Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM), the leading enterprise data, analytics and software-as-a-service company, unveiled a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Acxiom. The study, The Future is Cross Channel 1:1 Marketing At Scale details key aspects of the current uses of data and provides a roadmap for marketers who are increasingly embracing data-driven marketing approaches and seeking solutions for true 1:1 marketing at scale.

Reflecting the input of the marketers interviewed for the study, the Forrester study highlights the key ‘pain points’ for brands, agencies and their partners:

  • Too much disconnected, siloed data
  • A ‘cookie-based’ approach that falls short in both a multi-device era and at an individual level
  • Increasing privacy concerns
  • The imperative for centralizing channels and data sources to deliver relevant brand messaging and ultimately, more satisfied consumers

Abundant, disconnected data is a huge obstacle on the road to 1:1 marketing at scale – we’ve known this for some time now,” said Scott Howe, Acxiom’s President and CEO. “AOS, Acxiom Audience Operating System, lights the way, offering the only platform available on the market today to fully connect and leverage all kinds of data in a secure, privacy-compliant way. Marketers have questions, and AOS has the answers.”

Other key findings of the study commissioned by Acxiom include:

  • The industry-wide approach of using cookies for targeting and measurement is beginning to show major signs of strain, calling for the emergence of a new standard that is robust enough to withstand the demands of the emerging multi-platform marketing world
  • ‘People-based’ approaches to targeting and measurement will usher in a new era of customer life-cycle management, allowing marketers to extend their view of customers beyond the browser to longer term customer relationship management activities
  • A privacy-friendly approach to delivering relevant marketing is a high priority; delivering valuable content is imperative to balancing consumer privacy preferences and maintaining trust with customers
  • Cross-platform communication will become the default standard for maintaining relevance with customers every day
  • Targeting must live at the individual level to perpetuate more customer-centric practices, which means avoiding the limitations of cookies to more accurately target individuals

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