Lotame Launches New Analytics Suite Lotame Insights

Lotame, the data management platform (DMP) that helps publishers, marketers and agencies maximize the way they collect, unify, protect, and activate audience data, launched Lotame Insights™.  Lotame Insights is a powerful new solution that monitors daily campaign performance and generates actionable insights. Built on Lotame’s feature-rich DMP, it gives users the ability to enrich audiences, create campaign lift and extend reach — improving results while reducing costs.
“Now our users can gain a much deeper understanding of the factors driving campaign performance,” said Andy Monfried, Founder and CEO of Lotame. “Lotame Insights improves campaign strategies, and provides the analytics and targeting tools to maximize campaign results across platforms.”
Lotame Insights provides campaign performance analytics against both user behaviors and audience segments. Performance-focused segments created with a combination of first- and third-party data can be optimized in-flight to continuously improve campaign results.  Sophisticated analytics provide a deep and personalized understanding of consumer behaviors as well as the key factors influencing performance.
With Lotame Insights, customers can:
  • Monitor campaign delivery
  • Identify key performance drivers
  • Create unique audience segments and seamlessly target them across various activation channels including ad servers, DSPs and Exchanges
  • Generate actionable insights
  • Improve campaign performance
“It is one thing to be able to target by audience, but getting the best performance out of an audience-based campaign is a more difficult proposition,” said Erik Requidan, Director of Sales at Intermarkets. “Having the ability to analyze and understand the drivers that help us improve campaign performance is crucial to bringing more value to our advertisers. Lotame Insights allows us to create hyper-targeted campaigns using rich audience data designed to optimize our desired results.”
In January, the company will release an additional module that builds on Lotame Insights, Lotame Optimizer™, that will provide the ability to create optimized audience segments via an advanced machine learning system which uses artificial intelligence to continually maximize audience impact.
To learn more about Lotame Insights, visit http://lotame.com/.