BlueKai to Partner with MoPub to Help iOS and Android App Developers Drive Audience Targeting and Increase Ad Revenue from Mobile Audiences

San Francisco, CA –  BlueKai, the industry’s leading data management and activation system and MoPub, a leading ad server for smartphone publishers, today announced a partnership that will enable iOS and Android developers the ability to leverage data to better monetize mobile inventory and increase ad revenue.

Through BlueKai’s Audience Marketplace, MoPub partners will have access to quality and anonymous data on more than 100 million unique mobile users, giving them the ability to optimize ad inventory in real time and perform sophisticated retargeting and prospecting capabilities from the largest RTB exchange for mobile apps.

According to the latest figures from Gartner, mobile continues to be a significant growth engine for brands and developers as mobile app stores are projected to see annual downloads reach 268 billion by 2017, with a total revenue of $77 billion, each growing at 27 percent a year between 2012 and 2107.  In-app purchases will also account for more than 22 percent of total revenue this year increasing to almost half of the total revenue in 2017.

“We’re excited to now provide a more enriched inventory offering on the MoPub Marketplace through our partnership with BlueKai,” said Janae McDonogh, Director of Exchange for MoPub.  “BlueKai data segments will help our partners to fulfill their clients’ more targeted campaign needs and offer improved optimization.”

With increasing consumer adoption of mobile apps and growing usage of mobile apps, the need to drive better audience targetability will be greater than ever. By joining BlueKai’s quality data and intent signals with MoPub’s network of app developers, the partnership will help drive more relevant and effective targeting as well as higher eCPMs for app development clients.

“The goal of our new partnership with MoPub is to enable advertisers to enhance their targeting capabilities and drive more revenue,” said Jeff Frantz, Vice President of Mobile for BlueKai. “This is an exciting first-to-market partnership for the mobile advertising space.”

As part of the partnership, BlueKai and MoPub will be providing audience-targeting capabilities based on shopping intent by verticals and products, interest, geographic and demographic.

About BlueKai

BlueKai is Big Data for Marketing. The BlueKai Data Activation System enables marketers and publishers to use what they know to power what they do, turning insights into action, and driving higher efficiency & performance in their marketing. Through data activation, our enterprise-level SaaS solution unites fragmented data sources to drive omni-channel data aggregation and targeting. BlueKai’s customers use data to analyze, advertise, optimize and monetize their audiences in ways that were previously unavailable to them and with BlueKai’s “data unchained” methodology, your customized data segmentation can be leveraged anywhere and is not restricted to any single channel.  BlueKai has been delivering big data-driven marketing solutions since 2008 to more Fortune 500 brands than any other data platform.  BlueKai recently announced their acquisition by Oracle.

About MoPub

MoPub is the world’s leading ad server for smartphone application publishers, designed to drive more ad revenue through a single solution. We offer the first comprehensive monetization platform for mobile app publishers that combine real-time bidding, ad serving, cross-promotional capabilities and ad network mediation into one, easy-to-use platform. As a pioneer in real-time bidding for mobile, we built the first transparent market that enables advertisers and other demand side buyers to access billions of ad impressions with hyper-targeted data from app publishers. On MoPub Marketplace, publishers get complete control over their inventory and transparency into their ad revenue.

MoPub was founded in 2010 by an experienced mobile advertising technology team and has raised over $19 million in venture capital from Accel Partners, Jafco Ventures, and Harrison Metal Capital. MoPub is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City. For more information, please visit and follow MoPub on Twitter at