adMarketplace’s BidSmart Solution Sees Over 75% Increase in Conversion Rates for Top Brands

First Programmatic Marketplace for Search Advertising Enhances Proprietary Technology for Targeting Top Performing Channels

New York – Today, adMarketplace introduced an enhanced version of BidSmart, an algorithmic bidding solution, available through the company’s award-winning Advertiser 3D platform. BidSmart utilizes advertiser performance data to place bids by predicting conversion rates based on keyword, traffic source, and device type. In June 2014, BidSmart’s technology was utilized to:

  • Update nearly 11 million keyword bids for one large brand advertiser
  • Price approximately 65,000 ad placements across 60 publishers for each brand advertiser
  • Analyze an average of 24 campaigns, 891 ad groups, and 12,120 keywords per brand advertiser

“adMarketplace gives it’s clients the opportunity to tie it all together and serve ads across multiple segments of user intent,” said Vik Kathuria, Global Chief Media Officer at Razorfish. “The launch of BidSmart now makes it easier for advertisers and agencies to target top performance traffic.”

According to an eMarketer study, search advertising revenues for 2014 have risen to nearly $23 Billion in the US and to approximately $50 Billion worldwide. Search advertising accounts for 43 percent of all Internet ad revenue—beating out display by more than 20 percent—but search is also changing. Searching on one major search engine from a desktop computer is no longer the dominant form of Internet search activity. Recent reports from eMarketer show that year-over-year query volume on is declining. Yet, overall user search volume is increasing as consumers turn to apps and specialized web properties such as, blekko,, and The Weather Company, to perform searches tailored to their specific needs. This search fragmentation is creating new ways for advertisers to reach customers searching outside the engines.

Programmatic search is an efficient supplement to search engine advertising. Top Google spenders who participated in the beta test of adMarketplace’s programmatic search solution, BidSmart, have seen exceptional results already. For example, leading international hotel chain saw a 78.5 percent increase in conversion rates, a 26.2 percent decrease in conversion costs and an overall 38.6 percent increase in online bookings.

“User search, previously concentrated on one major search engine, is now spread across many mobile and web properties” said Jamie Hill, CEO of adMarketplace. “In response, over 60 percent of Google’s largest direct response advertisers have turned to adMarketplace to buy high-performing traffic as search behavior changes. adMarketplace’s Advertiser 3D with BidSmart platform answers this need by combining the scale of programmatic advertising with the performance of search advertising.”

The adMarketplace programmatic search solution is different from traditional programmatic display advertising because it optimizes cost-per-click (CPC) bids and spend based on the advertiser’s direct response goals. So, while programmatic display optimizes spend based on soft metrics such as engagement, click-through rates (CTR), and time on site, programmatic search delivers the same direct response performance metrics that advertisers use to measure performance from search engines. Also, with programmatic search, advertiser targeting is based on user specific keyword data, not cookie data. Without a reliance on tracking cookies, the adMarketplace solution is easily transferable to mobile and browsers that block cookies.


As the first programmatic marketplace for search partner advertising, adMarketplace offers the only pay-per-click platform that allows advertisers to bid by individual search partner and device type. Founded in 2000, adMarketplace provides the third channel for search advertising to the world’s largest brands. For more information, please visit, our blog, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.