Reduce Data Announces Launch of Dynamic Cross Platform Ads

Mountain View, CA – Reduce Data (  announces the launch of dynamic cross platform ads enabling advertisers to deliver personalized ads seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices.

Reduce Data enables advertisers to segment users and deliver highly personalized ads based on products that the users saw or related products.  Reduce Data’s dynamic ads solution is built to work seamlessly across devices and channels, enabling advertisers to retarget the same users effectively across multiple devices, therefore driving better results.

“Personalized ads are an important part of any online businesses strategy and in beta tests, Reduce Data has been able to deliver 1.5X increase in conversions for campaigns using dynamic ads”, said Asif Ali, CEO of Reduce Data.

Dynamic ads are available on Reduce Data ( to all existing and new customers effective immediately.

About Reduce Data

Reduce Data is a cross device advertising platform that helps marketers identify and deliver ads to customers across multiple devices.

Reduce Data leverages artificial intelligence and real-time data to drive highly optimized ad spends.

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