Goodway Group Accelerates Ad Targeting Efficiencies With The Trade Desk, Inc.’s Enterprise™ Solution

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Trade Desk, Inc., a global demand-side platform in the $20B programmatic advertising industry, announced an API-enhanced partnership with Goodway Group, an industry-leading digital media company with a presence in more than 35 top U.S. markets. The Trade Desk’s Enterprise™ solution is the most advanced API offering in the industry for media and data, and was designed to allow leading-edge agencies and technology providers to build their own proprietary offerings in the programmatic space. Enterprise connects Goodway buyers to open RTB exchanges as well as direct publisher connections in the private marketplace, allowing Goodway to focus on building algorithms, data insights, and workflow efficiency.

“Accessing the programmatic market through The Trade Desk’s pipes enables Goodway to focus on building true differentiation to improve performance for our ad agency partners,” says Goodway COO Jay Friedman. “Our RealValue™ optimization algorithm drove a 29.6% campaign performance improvement during beta and is now rolled out to all clients and campaigns.”

The Trade Desk’s Enterprise solution opens new doors to those looking to invest in deeper levels of analytics on behalf of their client advertisers. Digital marketers can cull crucial insights around consumer purchase behavior and influencing factors thanks to the rich data produced in programmatic omnichannel advertising. Enterprise empowers Goodway to customize and enhance their offering to clients across the United States.

“We are proud to showcase our technology with our longtime partners at Goodway Group. They’ve chosen to enhance their workflows, reporting, and optimization capabilities by leaning into the tech stack,” says The Trade Desk’s Chief Client Officer, Brian Stempeck. “We predicted more than two years ago that technology leadership would be a driver across all segments of advertising, and we’ve worked hard to build a platform that others can build on. We placed a bet that buyers would want to continue to add to their proprietary advantage, and we’ve created a technological foundation for which the sky is the limit. Goodway is clearly taking its place as a programmatic leader through its Enterprise integration.”

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About The Trade Desk, Inc.
Recently named ninth in Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 List of America’s Most Promising Companies, The Trade Desk powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology. Founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, The Trade Desk has become the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators and their advertisers best-in-class technology to manage display, social and video advertising campaigns. The Trade Desk empowers buyers at the campaign level with the most expressive bid capabilities in market, full-funnel attribution, and detailed reporting that illustrates the consumer journey from initial impression to conversion. By maintaining a pure buy-side focus, The Trade Desk delivers on branding and performance for clients worldwide.

Headquartered in Ventura, Calif., The Trade Desk has offices across the United States, Europe and Asia.

About Goodway Group
Goodway Group is a leading managed-services programmatic partner to local, regional and Fortune 500 brand agencies. Bootstrapped and 100% privately owned since 1929, Goodway moved into the programmatic digital media space in 2006 to continue its rich history of tackling complex local and regional campaign executions with data science-driven targeting and support services to make achieving success easy for agency clients. Its proprietary algorithms pair with a technology-agnostic approach to enable agencies and marketers to achieve their ultimate goal — better results with fewer resources than ever.

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