Call Tracking Leads to 60% Savings on Ad Spend for Retailers

How phone call tracking and analytics from CallRail are transforming the way retailers manage their marketing spend

CHICAGO – CallRail, the leading call tracking and analytics platform for small and medium-sized businesses, has helped their 18,000 customers know why their phone is ringing. These insights have proven to be crucial for improved customer experience, proper internal training, and data-driven marketing and lead generation decisions.

Data-driven marketing is essential for retailers that are expanding their marketing channels across digital mediums

Search engine marketing (SEM) continues to capture the largest share of online marketing spend — and retailers are no stranger to this strategy. “There’s money to be made in Adwords, but the challenge is separating the wheat from the chaff in terms of an effective keyword strategy,” says David Gallmeier, Marketing and Development for National Builder Supply, which specializes in home renovation products delivered through retail eCommerce. Gallmeier implemented CallRail’s call tracking services at the company and was able to cut PPC advertising spend by 60% while still maintaining the same level of sales. National Builder Supply has also been able to pull under-performing products from thanks to the insight they’ve gained from CallRail.

“Data-driven marketing is essential for retailers that are expanding their marketing channels across digital mediums,” says Lance Weatherby, Vice President of Marketing at CallRail. “Small businesses often assume they can get enough visibility by just investing in web analytics platforms, but they are overlooking the ever-important phone call.”

According to a recent new survey from and Forrester Research, The State of Retailing Online, mobile optimization is the top priority for retailers due to the increase of inbound mobile website traffic that retailers are seeing. Consumers’ increased addiction to mobile browsing has led to the spike in inbound call volume, making call tracking a crucial element of the savvy digital marketer’s strategy.

“CallRail has really made the difference for us. I now have a solid picture of sales, revenue and margin attribution. I no longer give underperforming advertisements the benefit of the doubt; I can just eliminate the expense. CallRail gave us the last piece of information we needed to make this happen. Now I can be very aggressive with bidding for Google,” explains Gallmeier.

About CallRail

CallRail, provides call tracking and analytics services to more than 18,000 businesses and marketing agencies in United States and Canada. CallRail’s easy-to-use cloud platform helps business owners discover which marketing campaigns and search keywords are driving valuable phone calls. Businesses use the call analytics to optimize advertising campaigns, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Based in Atlanta the company was recently named as one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Learn more at

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