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wywy and AppsFlyer Introduce a New Tool Allowing Advertisers to Measure Impact TV Campaigns Have on Mobile App Installs

wywy and AppsFlyer Introduce a New Tool Allowing Advertisers to Measure Impact TV Campaigns Have on Mobile App Installs

New York and San Francisco – wywy, a leading TV syncing advertising and analytics solution, and AppsFlyer, the leading mobile advertising attribution and analytics platform, have formed a strategic partnership to enable app companies to directly measure the impact their TV advertisements have on app installs in real time. The new agreement will seamlessly integrate wywy’s real-time TV ad detection data into Appsflyer’s TV attribution tool, creating accurate real-time insights into a TV campaign’s effectiveness.

Connecting TV and app marketing is a major move forward for advertisers, considering that 48 percent of viewers worldwide engage in another digital activity while watching TV.1

wywy will deliver data in real time through its TV monitoring network, which detects a TV advertisement the instant it airs. This information is made available to AppsFlyer, which will attribute credit to the TV network for driving an install – assuming it occurred within the window of opportunity configured by the advertiser and was the last channel to touch the user.

By continuing to track the user’s post-install activity within the app, AppsFlyer then allows the advertiser to measure the value generated by the TV campaign, compare it to all other channels in a single real-time dashboard, and optimize accordingly.

“App companies have embraced TV advertising, but to date there hasn’t been a reliable way to attribute a television ad’s effect on app downloads accurately and in real time,” said Dr. Andreas Schroeter, wywy’s COO and co-founder. “With currently available TV measurement tools, the correct attribution of app downloads is especially hard. This new partnership will leap-frog our clients to another level and can produce tremendous cost-savings within their TV advertising budgets.”

“TV is the next frontier in attribution,” added Oren Kaniel, AppsFlyer’s CEO and co-founder. “With the wywy integration, AppsFlyer allows advertisers to finally measure the ROI of their high cost TV campaigns and compare them to other channels to better optimize their entire marketing mix.”

1Connected Life 2014’ by TNS.

About wywy

wywy offers synchronization of TV and online advertising to reach viewers on their second screen devices and increase ad awareness. wywy’s proprietary TV Sync technology enables advertisers to simultaneously target TV advertising in real time and across multiple screens to maximize return on investment and analyze the online impact of each campaign. Advertisers can also utilize wywy’s analytics tool to compare which TV creative, networks and dayparts work best together, to optimize media plans accordingly.

wywy supports 400 channels in seven countries and has offices in the U.S., U.K., and Europe, with clients including Nissan, Hyundai, Visa, and Vodafone. wywy is the 2015 recipient of The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards for “Best Cross Platform Campaign” and is a 2015 Red Herring Top 100 winner. For more information, please visit www.wywy.com.

About AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is a leading mobile advertising analytics platform that enables app marketers, brands and ad agencies to optimize their marketing spend by measuring their campaigns across more than 1000 integrated mobile ad networks, including on Facebook, Google and Twitter. A single real-time dashboard gives users all the tools they need to achieve the biggest return on their marketing dollars, including campaign ROI, lifetime value, retention reports, attribution analytics, cohort analysis, retargeting attribution, TV ads measurement, OneLink smart deep linking and more. The platform currently measures more than $1.2 billion in annual mobile ad spend. Among its 5,000+ clients are The Wall Street Journal, L’Oréal, Baidu, Samsung, Mail.Ru and Hipmunk. For more information, visit http://www.appsflyer.com.