Mobile & Desktop Ads Have Greater Influence on U.S. Consumers Planning Home Improvements Than on Typical Americans, According to IAB Study

Home Renovators that Are Hispanic-American Are Overwhelmingly Mobile-First & Three Times as Likely to be Influenced by Mobile Media Than the Average American Looking to Make Home Repairs & Renovations

NEW YORK – The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released “IAB Digital Influence on Home Improvement Plans,” a custom analysis of Prosper Insights data, showing that U.S. consumers planning home renovations are nearly twice as likely as the general population to be influenced by mobile and desktop ads, with 22 percent saying these ads guide their purchases, compared to 12 percent of the general population.

“Are you of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin?”

Home renovators, most likely to be aged 35-64, tend to be more digital media-savvy than the typical U.S. adult, with 40 percent citing online search as a source for home improvement ideas. They are more likely to research home improvement products on interactive screens than in a store, and roughly one-third buy these products on digital platforms.

The influence of social media advertising on those planning renovations and repairs is double that of the average American. One in five use social media for home improvement ideas, and three out of four check social media at least once a week.

This same group is prone to investing more heavily in a variety of household-related purchases, including furniture and home electronics.

The report also takes a closer look at Hispanic-Americans, who make up more than one in 10 of the adults in the U.S. planning a major home repair or renovation in the next six months. The responses from these home renovators indicate that interactive advertising is critical for reaching and engaging them.

They are roughly twice as likely to be influenced by digital media as the typical American home renovator, and are three times more likely to be guided by mobile media and ads regarding their home improvement purchases. Younger than the average U.S. home renovator (67% aged 18-44 vs. 44% of typical home renovators), this audience is more apt to do research on mobile devices, and more likely to make purchases via mobile.

Key for advertisers, the report demonstrates that Hispanic-American home renovators are primarily English speakers, and 73 percent of them enjoy Spanish language media.

“Home improvement marketers have much to gain by being present in all forms of digital media,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB. “The findings on Hispanic-Americans make it abundantly clear that home renovation retailers, brands, and many others would be remiss to neglect focusing marketing efforts on mobile and other digital screens in both English and Spanish language media.”

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IAB conducted a custom analysis of syndicated Prosper Insight data to look at consumer and media behaviors of “Home Renovators,” defined as adults 18 or over who answered “Yes” to the following question: “Do you plan to make any of the following major (big dollar) purchases within the next 6 months (Major Home Improvement or Repair)?” “Home Renovators” were compared to the general adult 18 and over population in the U.S. In addition, a section on “Hispanic Consumers Planning Home Improvement” was added in which the same group is sub-segmented by those who answered “Yes” to “Are you of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin?” The report is derived from the Prosper Insights & Analytics Monthly Consumer Study (June 2015) of 6,087 respondents surveyed online which focused on those planning to do a major home improvement or repair in the next 6 months and the annual 2015 Media Behaviors & Influence™ (MBI) Study of 16,228 respondents surveyed online. The studies have a margin of error of 1%, at a 99% confidence level.

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