AdTheorent® to Deliver First-of-Its-Kind Automotive Targeting and Attribution Solution for Advertisers

Integration of IHS Automotive data bridges offline, online and mobile data connecting cross-channel ads to vehicle purchase

NEW YORK – AdTheorent, Inc., a technology company whose data-driven predictive solutions are transforming digital advertising, announced it will integrate data from IHS Automotive, the leading source of automotive intelligence, to provide the first cross-channel (i.e., mobile and desktop) attribution solution linking mobile and desktop advertising to vehicle purchase. Through the combination of offline data from IHS Automotive and AdTheorent’s cross-device ID mapping infrastructure and capabilities, advertisers can now utilize Total Market Predictor (TMP) data from IHS for audience targeting on mobile and desktop at scale, utilizing a host of offline and online data sources, in addition to gaining clear insights into the effectiveness of their digital campaigns.

[email protected] integrates with @IHS to deliver first-of-its-kind automotive targeting and attribution solution for advertisers

A Complete Attribution Solution

According to a recent report by Forrester, 13 percent of marketers feel very confident in their ability to measure cross-channel, and only 18 percent are very confident in their ability to measure the ROI of their mobile advertising efforts. Through its integration of IHS data, AdTheorent will deliver precise attribution capabilities to automotive advertisers. AdTheorent’s mobile and desktop impression IDs are matched with IHS data to identify, actual impressions that result in vehicle purchases at an aggregated level. For the first time, automotive brands can understand how their mobile marketing affects not only advertising engagement, but consumer purchase behavior in the physical world.

“We are thrilled to offer this groundbreaking targeting and attribution solution to our automotive clients,” said Jim Lawson, Managing Partner and CLO of AdTheorent. “Through this integration, auto marketers can combine cross-device insights with actual purchase data to understand what marketing channels and tactics are performing for their brands, which will ultimately lead to unprecedented ROI.”

Automotive Targeting: A Cross-Channel ID Device Map Powered with Offline, Online and Mobile Data

With 42 percent of recent car buyers using multiple devices as part of their shopping efforts1, marketers must obtain a holistic view of mobile, desktop and offline consumer behaviors. To date, marketers have been generally unable to match disparate user IDs and with available data pools at scale. Through its arrangement with IHS, AdTheorent has linked TMP data from IHS Automotive — with the myriad forms of consumer IDs (postal, mobile, IP address, etc.) to create a single user ID. This allows advertisers to finely target at scale, across device types.

“With the explosion of mobile devices and digital content channels, it is even more imperative for marketers to have the ability to connect the dots between offline, digital and mobile data to drive results and get the most value from advertising initiatives,” said John McBride, vice president, digital and media solutions at IHS Automotive. “AdTheorent has a unique ability to take data from the physical world and, through its comprehensive ID-based data map, bridge that to mobile and desktop, providing advertisers enhanced data targeting capabilities and the ability to target a single consumer across devices.”

About AdTheorent®

AdTheorent is a technology company that is transforming digital advertising through data-driven predictive solutions. AdTheorent’s machine learning, tracking and deep linking technologies combine to maximize engagement and awareness for advertisers.

AdTheorent’s machine learning technology platform combines millions of data attributes into precise and accurate adaptive models for the purpose of identifying optimal audiences. Powered by data-driven intelligence, AdTheorent’s platform delivers the right ad, to the right user, at the right time – all in “real time” within brand advertisers’ ROAS and performance goals.

AdTheorent’s Device GenomeTM is the most comprehensive cross-device ID mapping infrastructure in market, featuring more than 242 million unique IDs mapped to extensive 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data sources, including 101 million US households. As a mobile-first Data Management Platform, AdTheorent’s Device Genome is uniquely positioned to match offline and online data to mobile at scale, affect cross-device targeting and break new ground in media attribution including physical activity such as purchase.

AdTheorent’s Barometric® measurement and analytics solution features the mobile advertising industry’s most advanced cross-device/cross-media measurement and analytics technology, providing the “post-click and post view” signals necessary for modeling to (i.e., predicting) true user engagement and awareness.

AdTheorent’s Apptivation® is unprecedented deep linking technology that powers “intelligent ad units,” fostering seamless and efficient user engagement. Apptivation allows brands and marketers to drive significant user interactivity with their own branded apps, social media apps, or iOS native functions such as Passbook, Calendar, Phone, Map and others.

The collective result to AdTheorent-partnered brands and marketers is higher engagement rates across any client-defined metric – The Intelligent Impression®. For more information, visit:

1. 2015 Automotive Buyer Influence Study, IHS Automotive and Autotrader

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