New Technology Launched for More Targeted Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Sidecar, an e-commerce marketing technology that programmatically connects retailers’ products to the most relevant consumers, announced Wednesday a new solution to help retailers target and display Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs), based on a consumer’s real-time intent to purchase.

Sidecar developed the proprietary DPA technology through the Facebook Developer Program. The solution builds on the targeting capabilities inherent in Facebook DPAs by dynamically segmenting consumers into groups based on their likelihood to make a purchase from a retailer’s site. Visitors identified by the Sidecar technology as having high intent are up to four times more likely to convert than the average targeted visitor.

These high-intent consumer groups are updated dynamically based on consumers’ real-time interactions with a brand’s website, allowing retailers to bid more aggressively on those groups most likely to make a purchase.

The Sidecar solution for Facebook DPAs also simplifies what can be a complex implementation. Retailers that use Sidecar to run DPA campaigns will simply send their standard feed to Sidecar and place the Sidecar snippet on their e-commerce site.

“Ninety-eight percent of visitors to e-commerce sites leave without completing a purchase — meaning that retailers have to constantly look for ways to re-engage consumers in targeted and relevant ways to drive conversions,” said Dave LeDonne, director of product management at Sidecar. “With a billion members signing on daily, Facebook was a logical channel for us to work within. The Sidecar technology adds another layer of relevance to Facebook DPAs — and will enable retailers to reach key customers who are ready to purchase, across any device, with targeted product ads.”

“Facebook DPAs represent a massive opportunity for retailers. Given the success Sidecar has seen in bringing innovative, machine-learning technology to channels like Google Shopping, this partnership was a natural fit,” said Andre Golsorkhi, founder and CEO of Sidecar. “With this release, we are harnessing the power of Sidecar’s technology to drive new efficient revenue in this expanding channel.”

The Sidecar DPA solution is currently in beta and will be generally available in February 2016. Learn more about Sidecar’s programmatic, product-level advertising solutions for retailers.

About Sidecar

Sidecar is an e-commerce marketing technology that uses machine learning to solve the complex, data-intensive process of connecting consumers to relevant retail products, in all paid marketing channels where consumers shop. The intent-focused Sidecar technology takes relevance to the next level, enabling retailers to display the right product ads at the right moment to the consumers most likely to purchase them.

Sidecar considers an average of 1.2 million data points each day to analyze and index every product in a retailer\’s catalog to ensure profitable growth out of paid customer acquisition channels across all devices.

Retailers that use Sidecar drive millions of dollars of new, measurable revenue and save time and internal resources, while maximizing ROI and improving the conversion journey for customers. Brands like NewEgg,, GNC, and Choxi count on Sidecar to optimize their product advertising campaigns. Sidecar retail customers average a 50 percent increase in year-over-year channel revenue and a simultaneous 10 percent decrease in cost of revenue.