SUPER BOWL: Brands Now Questioning How Worthwhile Super Bowl Ads Are – Thanks To Rise In Online Video

  • Despite 114 million people watching last year, majority watched ads exclusively online and not during half-time
  • Since Oreo’s ‘Dunk In the Dark’ brands see online video as a way around paying $5 million for just a 30-second slot

Christoph Pleitgen, senior vice president, sales and business development, EMEA and APAC, of Wochit said:

“Securing a half-time TV ad slot during the Super Bowl is one of the most coveted opportunities in advertising, with a captive audience of over 114 million peopletuning in last year. Despite a 30-second slot costing an eye-watering $5 million this year, many brands see it as one of the last ‘safe bets’ in traditional advertising, with a record $377 million being spent by advertisers for these TV spots this year.”

“However, in spite of the impressive viewership figures, research has revealed that the majority of people who saw a Super Bowl ad last year actually watched it exclusively online and not during half-time. This is not entirely surprising as consumers, on average, watch more than five hours of video per day, making video the single most popular media activity.”

“In addition to this, video advertising is starting to seriously threaten this status quo and is considered to be just as, if not more,effective as TV advertising, at a fraction of the cost.”

“Ever since Oreo monumentally stole the online show with their simple ‘Dunk in the Dark’ Super Bowl stunt, other brands have been scrambling to follow. Many will forgo the huge costs associated with a paid-for super bowl ad-slot and instead put their budgets and efforts into ensuring they are ready to grab public attention with responsive video content, based around the game.”

About Wochit

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