HIRO Announces New Innovative Programmatic Ad Filtering Solution

Using State-of-the-Art Technology, HIRO’s Ad Filtering Solution Combats Malvertising By Cleaning Publishers Programmatic Ad Channels in Real Time

TEL AVIV – HIRO Media, a leading programmatic video ecosystem, announced a new ad filtering solution designed to prevent malvertising by cleaning a publisher’s ad channels in real time. Currently being used programmatically, HIRO’s new ad filtering product is benefiting publishers like news and sports websites, general portals, and other types of digital media properties by using a proprietary technology that provides clarity and control with regard to the behavior of a website’s programmatic tags.

HIRO’s ad filtering product works on a white list approach by filtering in real-time any code object that may reach the users, for example JavaScript, Flash, IFrame. Once the system detects an unapproved vendor, HIRO’s ad filtering solution will either remove the malicious code and deliver a clean ad or reject the ad completely. Currently in the U.S., HIRO is serving 5% of all ads, which accounts to 2B ads per month.

“HIRO’s pre-emptive approach monitors vendors through all the programmatic call chain and verifies that only whitelisted vendors are allowed on the publisher’s site, thus providing the publisher with full control and transparency on the actions that are allowed to run on its properties and their behavior,” said Ariel Napchi, CEO, HIRO Media. “By employing HIRO’s programmatic ad filtering product, publishers are ensured malvertising detection & prevention, yielding the best user experience possible. HIRO’s filtering product is a prerequisite for making the most out programmatic advertising on your website without compromising your users’ safety or experience.”

Malvertising, a form of Internet advertising used to spread malware, continues to be a problem for the industry. According to a recent Cyphort Labs report, researchers found that malvertising campaigns carried out by hackers increased over 300% in the past year. Malvertising is usually executed by hiding malicious code within relatively safe online advertisements. These ads can then lead a victim to unreliable content or directly infect a victim’s computer with malware, which may damage a system, access sensitive information or even control the computer through remote access. Most recently, publishers like the New York Times, BBC, have been hit by malicious malvertising campaigns.

About HIRO Media

HIRO Media is a unique Technology that uses its proprietary Syndication technology to improve the performance of all of its ecosystem partners – advertisers, publishers, and content owners. With an online-video advertising reach of more than 100 million unique viewers and 2.5 billion ad-views globally, HIRO Media is one of the leading online video ecosystems in the marketplace. For more information, please visit www.hiro-media.com.