Visible Measures Launches the Industry’s First Predictive Video Analytics Capability for Global Brands and Marketers

“Industry Forecaster” Technology Enables More Effective Video Marketing Execution

BOSTON – Visible Measures, the leader in content advertising data and technology, launched the Industry Forecaster, the industry’s first predictive video analytics capability for media planning and execution. Industry Forecaster, a new feature within Visible Measures’ video benchmarking and planning product, the True Reach Planner, allows brand advertisers to better plan and execute their video marketing strategies, while factoring in competitor performance, marketing category activity and overall market noise. Brands and marketers can now view and act on predicted video viewership trends within an industry up to 28 days into the future. A brand could decide, for example, to launch a new campaign when their industry category will be least active, enabling them to capture more attention for the same spend. The new capabilities within the platform are powered by Visible Measures’ expansive proprietary dataset, consisting of five trillion data points from more than 500 million videos across 240 industry verticals.

Visible Measures launches industry’s 1st predictive analytics capability for global brands & marketers.

It is vital to know what you are up against before going into battle. Visible Measures now gives marketers the ability to predict the future and act accordingly. Global brands and marketers can now see the forecasted video viewership for their respective industry for the next 28 days. This gives marketers additional insight into what their competitive landscape will look like as they plan and launch their video campaigns with respect to how to flight, how much to spend, and where to run. With this information, marketers can then decide if they need to hold or pause a video campaign if they’re looking for a cost-effective solution with less spend for more views. Conversely, the forecasted video trends could also help a brand determine how much additional spend they’ll need to budget in order to beat the competition for video views. With this new feature, brands and marketers can run the most effective campaigns based on quantifiable research of historical industry trends and forecasted insights, thereby maximizing a brand’s Share of Attention.

“Digital video is a vital part of brands’ marketing strategies, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to rise above industry and competitive noise,” said Brian Shin, CEO of Visible Measures. “Our Industry Forecaster is a first-of-its-kind in today’s market, and gives advertisers the power to now use past, present and future data to make effective media buying decisions and run the most influential campaigns possible. Visible Measures’ customers already successfully rely on our platform every day to drive unmatched audience engagement worldwide, and this unique offering will further their success and ability to dominate their industry’s Share of Attention.”

Visible Measures’ Industry Forecaster provides invaluable insight for marketers across all industries as they execute their branded video campaigns. For example, retail marketers leveraging Visible Measures’ platform can see forecasted video views and adjust their media strategy to account for seasonal trends, such as the typical spike in campaigns from July to September for back-to-school, or from November to December for the holiday season. With this knowledge, marketers can see how much of their advertising budget they need to allocate to video to either surpass the competition, or they might choose to pause a campaign and wait until the industry noise dies down to move at a lower cost.

The Industry Forecaster is a part of Visible Measures’ True Reach Planner, a suite of video measurement and analytics tools within the company’s Fabric platform. The True Reach Planner provides video ad buyers a comprehensive and instant view of how consumer attention is distributed across video ad content promoted by 4,000 major brands during any given time period and as far back as 2014. The platform is powered by Visible Measures’ core patented technology, which automatically discovers video content uploaded by brands, then captures, organizes and analyzes the associated data for advertising use.

Visible Measures’ Industry Forecaster is available immediately for customers using the True Reach Planner. For more information on the Industry Forecaster, visit

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