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Nielsen Marketing Cloud and BrightLine Accelerate Push into Dynamic Creative TV Advertising

Nielsen Marketing Cloud and BrightLine Accelerate Push into Dynamic Creative TV Advertising

For the first time, marketers can run TV ads with personalized messaging to audience sub-segments

NEW YORK – BrightLine, the market leader in advanced TV advertising, announced that it has selected the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP), a core Nielsen Marketing Cloud application, to enable marketers — for the first time — to deliver personalized TV advertisements to millions of U.S. households. Using Nielsen Marketing Cloud capabilities, BrightLine will enable marketers to dynamically personalize their advertising across Over-The-Top (OTT) TV content delivery platforms including Roku, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation.

BrightLine taps Nielsen Marketing Cloud to enable TV advertisers to dynamically hypertarget viewers.

This new addressable TV advertising capability offers a win-win for advertisers and content providers. Advertisers can tailor their TV messages for different households based on specific interests and behavior powered by Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s Data-as-a-Service application, which includes over 60,000 audience segments. This will improve relevance and marketing impact and content providers can more effectively monetize their connected TV offerings. Personalized TV ads enhance an already premium screen across viewing environments including live and on-demand TV.

“We are entering an age of hyper-targeted brand experiences on our TV screens, with leading marketers adopting household addressable TV ads — it’s part of this golden age of TV we call tvtopia. BrightLine’s dynamic engageable ad platform allows marketers the ability to provide personalized TV ads to target audiences based on their specific interests and behavior,” said Jacqueline Corbelli, co-founder and CEO of BrightLine. “With powerful consumer insights provided by Nielsen Marketing Cloud, we will expand this personalized messaging even further to audience sub-segments, such as brand loyalists or competitor brand loyalists.”

“Brightline chose Nielsen Marketing Cloud because our next generation DMP gives them direct access to not only world-class Nielsen audience data, but also advanced machine learning and adaptive modeling that will continuously optimize their clients’ audience segments,” said Nielsen’s Damian Garbaccio, EVP – Commercial, Nielsen Marketing Cloud. “This ensures that OTT-TV audiences will receive the most relevant and timely messages and help generate superior advertiser ROI.”

Nielsen Marketing Cloud is integrated with a wide spectrum of marketing applications across dynamic personalization, programmatic, website, mobile, video, search, email and social media platforms. It empowers brands, agencies and media companies to connect more deeply with customers by combining Nielsen’s world-class audience data, analytics, media planning, marketing activation and data management platform capabilities in a fully-integrated platform. Marketing outcomes include a deeper understanding of consumers, more effective messaging across devices, and superior ROI analysis and campaign optimization capabilities.

Companies using BrightLine’s advanced TV platform can optimize their ads based on a vast array of audience segmentation data. The dynamic TV ads can be tailored to the interests and purchase behaviors of a given home. Marketers can execute in-flight adjustments of their campaigns based on consumer preferences. In addition, the BrightLine platform also enables sequencing and re-targeting of ads to TV audiences that may have been exposed or engaged with ads and campaigns in the past. For more information, go to www.brightline.tv.

BrightLine and Nielsen Marketing Cloud are committed to consumer privacy, making consumers aware of how their data is being used, and providing the ability to opt-out of targeted advertising at any time through settings on the content providers’ site.

About BrightLine

BrightLine is the market leader for advanced TV advertising, powering Fortune 100 companies with the industry’s most engaging and scalable advanced TV solutions in the age of streaming. BrightLine creates, delivers and measures dynamic and interactive ads across the entire OTT TV landscape. This is a world in which brands can deliver the messages they want to whom they want and when they want, and viewers can watch what they want, when they want. BrightLine refers to this as tvtopiaTM, the golden age of TV advertising.

Founded in 2003, BrightLine was the first company to pioneer interactive television solutions for brands. Today BrightLine offers InCAST™, the industry’s most powerful advanced TV technology suite that gives marketers a plug-and-play solution to take advantage of the entire scale of connected TV and Smart TV advertising opportunities. Fortune 100 companies rely on BrightLine’s unprecedented reach to engage their audiences with dynamic and interactive ads across broadcast and cable stations, including AMC, A&E, Discovery, ESPN, ABC and Hulu, and delivery platforms, including Roku, Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation, as well as leading ad networks and Demand-Side-Platforms (DSPs). Learn more about BrightLine at www.brightline.tv and follow BrightLine on Twitter @BrightLine_TV.