Pattern89 Announces Predict: AI That Simulates Ad Performance Before Campaigns Launch

Marketers can predict with 95% accuracy what creative elements will perform best before campaigns begin.

INDIANAPOLIS — Pattern89, an artificial intelligence marketing platform, announces the end of A/B testing with its new solution, Pattern89 Predict. Pattern89 Predict simulates creative ad elements to predict a brand’s top-performing ad combinations with over 95% accuracy.

Pattern89 Predict is the new standard for marketers, replacing lengthy and expensive A/B tests to determine an ad’s success before launching. Quickly upload hundreds of ad elements to Predict’s interface, and it will analyze millions of combinations to predict which specific ad components will perform best on social media. Predict unlocks creative insights for over 49,000 ad dimensions, including but not limited to:

•       Image direction (colors, settings, facial expressions),
•       Video direction (video lengths, colors, on-screen text, creative assets),
•       Copywriting (text, emojis, headlines, character counts), and
•       Ad formatting (placements, mobile/desktop).

With unparalleled insight into successful Facebook and Instagram advertiser data, Pattern89 Predict cross-analyzes all of a brand’s historic advertiser data against billions of social media advertising data points to surface statistically significant creative insights in minutes.

Once the top-performing ad elements are identified with Predict’s bias-free machine learning capabilities, marketers can launch ads directly from the Pattern89 platform in a single click. Pattern89 Predict will continuously monitor ad performance and alert users of targeting, placement and creative optimizations they can implement, so there’s no guessing and no time lost. Ads are always at peak performance.

“Pattern89 Predict finds winning digital creative, before ads run, meaning A/B testing is now a thing of the past. Efficiency and accuracy are more important than ever, and we’re giving marketers a clear path forward, while removing opportunities for losing time and money,” said R. J. Talyor, CEO and Founder of Pattern89. “Marketing teams can’t afford to waste anything. Our up-front predictions give marketers confidence in their creative, and ultimately, their social ad returns.”

Pattern89 has grown to be the leading AI solution for digital marketers and agencies who want to maximize creative performance at scale. Its users receive insights and recommendations for incorporating effective and results-driven changes to ad campaigns with the click of a button. For more information, visit

About Pattern89
Pattern89 provides powerful, artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to help brands and agencies discover what creative decisions drive their most impactful digital performance. With creative analysis and prediction algorithms delivering over 95% accuracy, Pattern89 reduces waste by identifying successful patterns and outliers in companies’ ad creative performance data on digital channels. For more information, visit