Intentwise Adds API and Connectors to Help Agencies and Advertisers Simplify Reporting and Analytics Around Amazon Advertising Data

CHICAGO — Intentwise, the SaaS platform that helps brands, sellers and agencies enhance advertising performance on Amazon, today announced the release of an API and data connectors. Agencies and direct advertisers can now seamlessly integrate advertising data from Amazon into their internal reporting systems such as Google Data Studio, Tableau and Excel. Intentwise has developed proprietary connectors for Google Data Studio and Tableau and will expand to additional analytics platforms in the future.

Intentwise Adds API and Connectors to Help Agencies and Advertisers Simplify Reporting and Analytics around Amazon Advertising Data

Agencies and direct advertisers continually seek ways to integrate Amazon advertising data into their analytics platforms and deliver rich insights to their clients and stakeholders. However, done manually, this process can be very time-consuming. Intentwise’s new API and data connectors dramatically simplify this process and enable robust visualizations and dashboards within existing analytics platforms.

“The agencies and direct advertisers we work with have reporting needs that are often unique and specific to them,” said Raghu Kashyap, Intentwise’s Chief Technology Officer. “The Intentwise API combined with our portfolio of connectors enables them to address their specific needs, within their existing reporting infrastructure.”

“Using Intentwise’s API, we have reduced our reporting workload by over 50% for our top clients by integrating Amazon advertising data into Google Data Studio,” said Antonio Exsome, Founder of ProfitLogiq, who has been using the beta version of the API. “As a full-service Amazon agency, robust reporting is a critical component of our service to our clients, and this new capability allows us to do it very efficiently.”

The Intentwise platform combines data-driven insights and advertising expertise to provide actionable recommendations that maximize return on advertising spend. These recommendations, combined with robust automation capabilities, help advertisers accelerate their growth on Amazon. The API and data connectors are available as part of Intentwise’s complete suite of solutions or as a one-off capability for advertisers and agencies looking to streamline their reporting. To learn more, visit

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