Aniview’s Video Ad Solution Doubles Jagran New Media’s Advertising Revenues

Aniview’s platform grants India’s top digital media company full transparency in its video ads and bolsters user experience

NEW YORK — Aniview (, a leading provider of holistic end-to-end ad-serving solutions for publishers, partners with Jagran New Media, the digital arm of India’s flagship media group Jagran Prakashan Limited. With Aniview’s video ad player solution, Jagran New Media eyes a twofold surge in its advertising revenues, while also gaining full control over its ad operations.

“After partnering with Aniview, we can for the first time enjoy full control over our video advertising”

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many as 62 percent of ad publishers reported payment delays of up to several months, according to a Digiday survey. Brands publishing video ads also frequently face discrepancies in reporting between platforms and lose inventory due to having to deploy multiple ad players from different networks. Consolidating their operations around a single platform, including ad servers and a marketplace, instead of involving multiple third parties allows publishers to fully own their advertising efforts.

By deploying Aniview’s end-to-end AdOps solution, Jagran takes back control over the use of its video-ad inventory and enjoys the transparency provided by Aniview, fully compatible with Jagran’s Google dashboard. While bringing its users a high-performance video player for video content and ads, Jagran now has more flexibility to run its own ad campaigns, without reporting discrepancies or delayed payments. Using the Aniview player, Jagran bolsters its bottom-line and slashes its page loading time.

Aniview’s end-to-end platform enables publishers and advertisers to interact without intermediaries and gives publishers the freedom to manage monetization themselves, preventing them from wasting funds on inefficient campaigns. It runs the ads smoothly on any device and offers both publishers and advertisers full security and transparency.

“We are thrilled to be working with Jagran New Media, one of India’s fastest-growing and most dynamic digital media companies,” says Alon Carmel, CEO of Aniview. “Our platform will help Jagran deliver ads to millions of users without third-party involvement and discrepancies that come with it, enjoying full transparency and control over its ad campaigns.”

“After partnering with Aniview, we can for the first time enjoy full control over our video advertising,” says Dinesh Joshi, Jagran New Media’s AVP for Ad Monetization. “The solution has brought our ad revenue to a whole new level and helped us streamline our operations, while also improving the user experience.”

About Aniview
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About Jagran New Media
Jagran New Media is the award-winning digital arm of Jagran Prakashan Limited, India’s largest media and publishing group, delivering content across a plethora of genres, including news and politics, lifestyle, education and lifestyle, to over 107 million users. The company’s daily output tops 7,000 stories and 40 videos, with over 76 million views on its YouTube channel. Putting data-driven and ethical journalism at the core of its mission, Jagran New Media launched India’s first fact-checking portal Vishvas.News, currently available in 11 languages. For more info