Xandr Partners with LiveIntent to Bring New Data and Identity Offerings to the Market

LiveIntent and Xandr’s relationship is expanding from an SSP partner to collaboration across data and identity

NEW YORK — Xandr and LiveIntent have announced that the companies are extending their relationship by bringing new data and identity offerings to market. LiveIntent is launching over 15 exclusive data segments built with LiveIntent’s licensed data and its proprietary machine learning models in the Xandr Data Marketplace. The alliance will also enable mutual clients to onboard their own first-party audience segments onto Xandr Invest, Xandr Monetize and Xandr Curate platforms directly. This collaboration will enable both Xandr and LiveIntent to help brands reach audiences in premium contexts throughout the open web, effectively driving growth through a new email-identity based channel.

“LiveIntent has been a key partner for Xandr – with the relationship dating back to 2009. We’re excited to be able to expand beyond this and provide new data and identity offerings across all of our platforms and marketplace, especially as the identity conversation continues to evolve across the industry”

Xandr and LiveIntent’s collaboration has expanded into several pillars of cross-enterprise identity with first-party audience data onboarding and activation being a priority, either directly through the Xandr platform or the mutual partner of InfoSum. By working with InfoSum, Xandr and LiveIntent have been able to protect the security and privacy of data using InfoSum’s secure data clean room. This relationship provides InfoSum clients with a turnkey solution for onboarding first-party data directly into Xandr’s buy and sell-side platforms through LiveIntent without physically sharing or moving the data itself, thus maximizing privacy and performance.

“InfoSum is proud to partner with Xandr and LiveIntent to unlock the full potential of first-party data in a privacy-first world,” said Lauren Wetzel, chief operating officer, InfoSum. “Rooted in our belief that cutting edge audience and identity solutions can be executed without ever sharing or moving data – this relationship enables risk-free data collaboration at scale. While we believe our collective solutions will benefit all enterprises and industries investing in unlocking the value of their data, we are excited to work together to solve critical challenges across emerging verticals such as retail media, streaming audio, gaming and more.”

Additionally, LiveIntent will leverage Xandr Curate to launch data-driven private marketplaces. LiveIntent will help its publisher clients build their own curated marketplaces to unlock new, self-service revenue streams by packaging valuable publisher audiences with premium, omni-channel supply available in the Xandr Marketplace as PMPs. In addition, LiveIntent will build and launch its own proprietary PMPs, bringing LiveIntent’s audience and identity capabilities and Xandr’s Marketplace to any demand-side platform (DSP) the buyer chooses.

“LiveIntent has been a key partner for Xandr – with the relationship dating back to 2009. We’re excited to be able to expand beyond this and provide new data and identity offerings across all of our platforms and marketplace, especially as the identity conversation continues to evolve across the industry,” comments Doug Hurd, head of corporate strategy and business development, Xandr.

“Marketers have invested untold resources into building their own proprietary IDs in order to be able to perform people-based marketing now and in the future. Together, with Xandr, we’re servicing these brands,” said Jon DeGennaro, LiveIntent SVP, data solutions and strategic partnerships. “We built our solution as a way to connect to the ecosystem on a customer’s terms. By extending our relationship with Xandr, we’re able to further our outreach to wherever people are present and paying attention: across platforms, channels and devices.”

A business unit within AT&T, Xandr powers a global marketplace for premium advertising. Our data-enabled technology platform, encompassing Xandr Invest, Xandr Monetize and Xandr Curate, optimizes return on investment for both buyers and sellers. For more than 143 years, AT&T has used data and technology to inform and improve the consumer experience.

About LiveIntent
LiveIntent, one of the world’s largest people-based marketing platforms, connects 2,500 publishing and advertising brands with over 200MM verified people every month across all types of media. With the anonymized email address at the center of its industry-leading identity graph, LiveIntent provides brands with solutions that help them monetize, acquire, and retain real people, even where cookies don’t work. LiveIntent enriches a brands’ data, making it possible for them to deepen their understanding of their audiences, and more effectively market to people wherever they are present and paying attention. LiveIntent is home to over 160 people worldwide with offices in New York, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

About InfoSum
InfoSum is the world’s leading data collaboration platform and the only secure data clean room, empowering companies to deliver better customer experiences while prioritizing customer privacy. InfoSum enables safe connections between multiple parties to unlock the full potential of their customer data without risk of exposure or misuse. InfoSum not only prioritizes consumer privacy, but enhances it with patented, non-movement of data technology to create the most protected, most connected, and most accessible data collaboration network.
InfoSum was founded in 2016 with a vision to connect the world’s data without ever sharing it. The company has multiple patents, protecting its invention of the ‘non-movement of data.’ InfoSum is based in the US, UK, and CE, with offices across Europe and North America. The company is poised for continued growth following a Series B investment in August 2021, and a rapidly expanding client base.
Read more at www.infosum.com.