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Trafficking 101: How to Traffic Tristitials from snap2eyes in DoubleClick DFP

Although not widely used (yet), Tristitials may be something you're bound to bump into if you spend enough time in an Ad Ops position....

Trafficking 101: How to Traffic Mediaplex Creatives in DoubleClick DFP

Mediaplex is a third party ad serving service - you're bound to be asked to traffic MediaPlex creatives at some point, so here are...

Trafficking 101: How to Create Companion Ads Without Using ptile in DoubleClick DFP

Companion ads (also called partner ads, or synchronized ads / synchronized banners) are widely used as part of various ad package offerings to agencies...

9 Different Approaches for Non-Direct Inventory Optimization

Publishers that use multiple-demand source platforms have many challenges, and among them are data aggregation of programmatic inventory. There is no single way to...

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