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Quantcast Appoints Matt White as Director, Agency Sales

Quantcast, an audience measurement and targeting provider for advertisers and publishers, has appointed Matt White as Director, Agency Sales. White joins the company from Yahoo! where he was previously Group Director responsible for all display and search business with WPP agencies. Prior to that, White was head of mobile sales for Channel 4.

Solve Media Uncovers $1.5 Billion in Wasted Ad Spend

Solve Media (www.SolveMedia.com) today revealed that 10 percent of all online traffic is generated by bots – softwareapplications that run automated processes across the Web. eMarketer predicts online display ad spend will reach $15.3 billion globally in 2012, which means that potentially $1.5 billion in ads will be served to bots. Since 2011, Solve Media has witnessed a 400 percent rise in aberrant traffic across registration, voting, commenting and contact services on the web. The company’s CAPTCHA-based advertising technology provides security authentication solutions for publishers.

Integral Ad Science Announces Industry’s First Pre-Bid Fraud Detection Solution Enabling Brands to Avoid...

Integrations with Partners Include Turn and Over 15 Others NEW YORK, NY - Integral Ad Science, the technology company dedicated to ensuring brand safe and high...

Adap.tv: Where next for online video advertising?

The rapid growth of the online video sector continued in 2012, with more campaigns undertaken and clients seeing the medium offer real value. However, Adap.tv, the company that delivers a programmatic way to trade video advertising, believes the industry must continue to push for further significant changes in 2013.

Brand Awareness is Primary Goal of Online Video Advertising for 62% of Agencies

Adap.tv and Admonsters research points to shift in perception of online advertising and highlights the challenges 86% of UK advertising agencies purchased digital video inventory...

Private Search Engine Startpage Expects Influx of Bing Users

Startpage says Microsoft's Toying with Search Engine Results Will "Sting Bing" NEW YORK - Startpage.com, The World's Most Private Search Engine, is welcoming Web users upset...

spider.io is The First to Measure the Viewability of Iframed Ads across All Major...

spider.io provides the first service that demonstrably measures ad viewability across all major browsers, ad exchanges, ad networks and ad servers, even when the ad impressions are served in unfriendly (cross-domain) iframes. In particular, spider.io’s technology is the first to be able to measure the viewability of iframed ads across Chrome and Safari browsers.

Adblade Reveals 5 Deadly Sins Committed by Online Advertisers

Real Life Lessons in Maximizing Advertising ROI Online SOMERVILLE, N.J. - Adblade, the web’s largest premium only advertising platform, serving ads on over 1000 premium...

YuMe Enhances Its Placement Quality Index With Brand Safety Metrics

Offers Brand Marketers an End to Site List Parity by Indexing the Value of All Video Advertising Inventory Across All Metrics That Drive Brand...

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