Ringleader Digital Launches New Blog for the Mobile Advertising Industry

“Ringside” Offers Insider Views on the Hottest Industry News and Trends

NEW YORK – Next-generation mobile advertising company Ringleader Digital today announced the launch of Ringside, a blog focused on the latest news and trends in the mobile advertising industry. Blog posts written by Ringleader executives will offer insider perspectives on issues relating to mobile advertising, while also providing an opportunity for visitors to comment.

Ringside’s target audience includes the complete mobile industry, such as publishers, agencies, enthusiasts and brands. The Ringleader bloggers will examine a range of topics including mobile campaigns, technology advances and breaking news, and will address how these issues directly impact the mobile space. Blog readers are invited to engage in dialogue with the Ringleader executives who post, in an effort to keep the issues relevant and compelling.

“This is the time for mobile advertising,” said Bob Walczak, CEO of Ringleader Digital. “There is so much buzz in the marketplace as it advances. As experienced industry professionals with valuable insight, we feel compelled to help highlight the meaningful content and frame it within a discussion to engage other industry players. Through these discussions, we can all develop and share vital ideas that will drive the market to its intended success.”

Ringside is now live at www.ringleaderdigital.com/ringside.

About Ringleader Digital

As the next-generation mobile advertising network, Ringleader Digital brings the online advertising experience to mobile–fulfilling the potential and promise of the mobile Web. Ringleader’s device-agnostic network is the only third-party mobile ad service, and is the first to specifically target ads by device functionality. Ringleader simplifies advertising transactions and delivery by providing brands and publishers the ability to seamlessly and simultaneously distribute ad campaigns across any mobile digital platform. With this unprecedented control, publishers maximize the revenue potential for ad campaigns while brands and advertisers can finally track and audit every element of a campaign’s effectiveness. Ringleader is based in New York City. For more information please visit www.ringleaderdigital.com.