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Trafficking 101: How to Traffic Flashtalking Ads in DoubleClick DFP

Although using Flashtalking tags in DART for Publishers (DFP) is not yet documented in DoubleClick's knowledge base, they're nothing too difficult to work with...

Trafficking 101: How to Traffic Bluestreak Tags in DoubleClick DFP

Bluestreak ad tags can be trafficked in DoubleClick DFP (DART for Publishers) very easily. The only aspect you need to be looking after is...

Trafficking 101: How To Traffic Atlas DMT Tags in DoubleClick DFP

When you receive Atlas DMT tags to be trafficked in DFP, chances are that they will be in one of the following three different...

Trafficking 101: How to Traffic Google AdSense ads in DoubleClick DFP

Trafficking Google ads (through Google's AdSense program) is not the most straightforward thing to do, regardless if you use Google ads for your remnant...

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