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Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are finally available on Ad Tech Daily! With the help of our long-time advertising partner BuySellAds and their newly-launched platform /syndicate, we’ve now enabled sponsored posts as part of our larger advertising offering.

What sponsored posts include:

A sponsored post on Ad Tech Daily includes:

  • an article of virtually unlimited length promoting your company / product / service / whitepaper / whatever else you wish to focus on;
  • your choice of imagery and multimedia (including logo, infographics, screenshots, embedded videos, .pdf’s, other objects) to accompany and illustrate your article;
  • at least 1 week (usually 2 or 3, depending on our schedule) of being featured in a premium location across the whole website (see the header featured articles section above the navigation area) with no expiration date for the post itself;
  • [tracking] links to your company’s website, resources, social media profiles (we advise to include up to 3 links per article but can accommodate a few more based on overall article length and relevance of what’s being linked);
  • prominent placement(s) on our website (above the fold header location) and on our social media accounts (such as pinned tweets, manager’s choice update in our LinkedIn group etc.)

Distribution includes, at the very least, inclusion in all our social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) as well as the RSS feeds of all tags and categories / topics assigned to the article.

Other benefits & features: We can set up a no-sidebars layout for your article, where nothing will distract the reader from the content.


Can I preview the post?
Yes, we always send out a preview link before publishing.
Can I publish as guest author?
Yes, we can set up a member of your team as guest author and publish under that person’s name.
Will you help editing our post?
Happy to. In fact, we always review articles and make suggestions for improving them.
Can I use a previously published material?
Definitely. We welcome re-posts from your own company blog, press release, whitepapers etc.
Can I use a custom featured image?
Yes – we can also help customizing it for web and making small adjustments to it.
When will our sponsored post expire?
Never. Anything that’s ever been published remains up and running, with no expiration date.

Check availability & reserve your sponsored post

Click on one of the available dates below in order to access our self-serve platform or head straight to https://syndicateads.net/dir/adtech to send your request.