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Guest Authors


Due to a large number of requests, we have decided to open Ad Tech Daily to all who wish to contribute content by submitting an article.

The invitation is open to:

– companies in the digital advertising field who have commentaries and insights to be shared with our readers;
– industry experts & bloggers who want to extend their audience reach;
– PR agencies who wish to distribute content on their clients behalf.


Guest vs sponsored articles

If your article is primarily informational, we’re happy to publish that as a guest article, free of charge. It’s perfectly fine to explain what your company does and include relevant links but the overall tone and purpose should remain informational.

If you’d prefer to put a stronger promotional spin to it, we’d suggest that you opt for a paid sponsored article instead, where you can truly go wild with calls to action and showcase what your company / product can do.

how to submit a guest article

To send us an article, please do contact us first. We’d like to find out more about you, the topic(s) of your article, when you would like it published.


All guest articles must follow the following few guidelines:

– length between 500 and 1,500 words;
– must provide an author box (name, title, short bio of 2-3 sentences, profile photo, optional links to social media profiles and website URL);
– be written entirely in English;
– no div and span tags.


All materials we receive will be reviewed before going live. If needed, we’ll get back to you with rewording / corrections requests or suggestions.

We’ll let you know when your article is scheduled to go live – usually within 1-2 days from when we receive its final draft and any accompanying images / videos etc.

If you have a preference for a specific day & time of publication, we’re happy to accommodate that.

Once live, we will follow up with the permalink.

can I preview / edit my article before it goes live?


We will make sure to send you a preview link before anything goes live, so you can review the content and its formatting.