Kowabunga! Partners with Image Advantage to Boost Publisher Success

After Just Two Weeks, Participating Web Publishers Grew Average Click Volume by Ten Percent, Revenue by 14 Percent

CLEARWATER, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kowabunga!® (www.kowabunga.com)(AMEX:THK), a leading provider of interactive, performance-based advertising networks and technology platforms, today announced a new partnership in place with Image AdvantageTM (www.worthathousandwords.com), a company that matches images to paid text ads in real time to boost clicks and revenue for publishers and advertisers.

“Through the ValidClick™ Search Network and other Kowabunga! performance-based marketing solutions, we continue to find more efficient and innovative methods to boost results for publishers and advertisers alike,” said Stephen Lerch, Chief Revenue Officer at Kowabunga!. “We help both publishers and advertisers improve performance by applying the right technology or forming partnerships with unique technology providers like Image Advantage to obtain a competitive edge. In this case, the increased payout for publishers and advertisers was immediate.”

To improve the effectiveness of a text ad listing, Image Advantage combines relevant images with the text ads to communicate an advertiser’s message in a visual and more effective manner. We believe the Image Advantage proprietary technology provides a more compelling and engaging user experience that improves click through rates and revenue for publishers, often while boosting conversion rates for ad campaigns.

“The Web has grown into a rich, visual experience for users today, and it only makes sense that by integrating images or other multimedia into text ads, advertisers and publishers can better engage consumers,” said Michael Lyons, CEO of Image Advantage and its parent company, VPP Technologies, Inc.

Kowabunga! currently provides Image Advantage as part of its ValidClick™ Search Network but may also incorporate the performance enhancing service into other solutions.

“Kowabunga! advertisers have achieved excellent results during both the initial test period and subsequent to implementation,” added Lerch. “The results have been consistently positive across a wide range of publishers large and small, including sites dedicated to local search, local directories, natural search, shopping comparison and travel.”

About Kowabunga! Inc.

Think Partnership Inc. is now doing business under the name “Kowabunga! Inc.” and will seek formal shareholder approval to change its legal name to Kowabunga! Inc. later in 2008. Kowabunga Marketing Inc. will continue as a subsidiary, operating its affiliate network and related products.

Kowabunga! Inc. is the leading provider of interactive performance-based advertising networks and technology platforms. Kowabunga! provides a comprehensive and integrated set of scalable and cost-effective marketing solutions for both advertisers and publishers. These solutions increase customer retention and revenues through a diverse set of related marketing channels, including affiliate marketing, click-fraud-protected pay-per-click advertising, lead generation, interactive direct marketing, integrated offline advertising, campaign management, public relations and branding. Kowabunga! also operates several direct-to-consumer services including online dating, online education and home business opportunities. High-profile brands include ValidClick AdExchange™, MyAP™, PrimaryAds™, BabyToBee™, Second Bite® and MSA. For more information, visit www.kowabunga.com.