The Next Phase of Social Business Networking is Here!

AVENTURA, Fla. – Analysts have been talking about how Social Networking will be transformed into a new Business Networking platform in 2009. In today’s economy, everybody from small businesses to major corporations have been cutting back on their advertising budgets and moving towards Social Networking as the next phenomenon in business marketing.

Networkers United Worldwide ( is a brand new community of social business networkers that share the same vision of helping each other in growing their businesses by referring business to one another, exchanging tips and ideas, educating, promoting and connecting with each other on a localized or global basis.

The group believes in the Giver’s Gain Principle. Give to people first, and in return you will get business back. It is a very simple law of attraction. The community was started on LinkedIn and Facebook just a few weeks ago and growing exponentially by the day. Our goal is to have over 500,000 members by March 2009 and 5,000,000 members by the end of the year.

“We are overwhelmed by its success and the quality of our members. The feedback we’re getting from our members is only positive for setting up such a great and needed platform for business referrals,” says founder Daniel Pansky.

The principle behind this was started in September 2008 when Victoria Blintser (Daniel’s wife) decided to expand her LinkedIn profile. Upon expanding her profile and setting up the business group, she is now considered one of the biggest success stories on LinkedIn. This has led to many opportunities including joint venture offers, consulting offers, radio appearances, and the offers just keep rolling in by the day. Four months ago I was a struggling Real Estate broker having problems finding the next deal in one of the toughest Real Estate markets in history. Today, four months later, my business is on turbo charge to where I can’t hire enough real estate agents fast enough. We are currently selling bulk portfolios, all thanks to the power of social business networking. is absolutely Free to join and Free to use for the entire business community worldwide. Members can go ahead and utilize the NU Worldwide platform, or set up their own groups pertaining to their desired subject or business. The group offers free services to all their members such as tips, social business networking strategies, and guest moderators from the world’s top leaders in Social Business Networking.