Immedium Reinvents Display Advertising with Live Banners that Update

BANGKOK – Studio Magenta has announced the introduction of Immedium, a platform for creating and managing live banner ads – rich media Internet advertising with dynamically changing content.

Although the concept of live banners has been around for some time, Immedium is believed to be one of the first tools that empowers marketers with the ability to edit and update the content of banner ads on the fly, without the need for technical skills. The technology paves the way for a host of new advertising applications that exploit the powerful animation and multimedia capabilities of authoring tools such as Adobe® Flash® with dynamic content that reflects the marketing opportunities of the moment.

“The response we’ve received from everyone that has seen Immedium is outstanding,” said Dennis Cookson, managing director of Studio Magenta, a visual communications firm established in 2003 to serve clients in Asia and around the world. “When they see how easily and quickly they can update the content of rich media ads they begin to imagine campaigns that were previously unthinkable.”

Immedium supports both manual updating of banner ad content using nothing more than a standard browser, and automated updating whereby ads are linked to an online database or RSS feed. “Distributing a banner ad with content driven by your database is the ultimate marketing tool,” said Cookson. “It’s maintenance-free, it’s always up to date, and it can run indefinitely, promoting any profile of your inventory.”

Examples of applications for Immedium include the promotion of last-minute flight bookings, hotel rooms, and other perishable products, advertisement of job vacancies, properties for sale, financial rates & offers, event countdowns, concert booking availability, online betting, and sports results. The platform includes metrics for measurement of ad & campaign performance, and being UnicodeTM compliant, supports ads in any language.

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