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New Social Media Marketing Platform Extends Livemercial Direct Response to Online Communities


VALPARAISO, Ind. – Livemercial, the leading provider of online direct response marketing, introduced a new social media marketing platform at the Electronic Retailers Summit in Miami today. The Social Response Pack (SRP) will provide a turn-key solution for Livemercial direct response clients looking to connect with online communities, engage online visitors, and increase conversion through social media channels.

“Livemercial revolutionized the direct response industry by introducing innovative video and online technologies that generated and converted leads better than anyone in the industry,” said Johnny Mathis, Jr., CEO, Livemercial. “Today, we have changed the industry again by introducing the first direct response platform that integrates the next wave of online engagement – social media marketing.”

The Social Response Pack offers Livemercial clients a turn-key solution for creating branded channels on popular social media sites, including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Blogger. In addition to establishing brands’ presence on these social media sites, Livemercial will offer clients on-demand support to help cultivate an online community around their products.

“Many of the products our clients offer are perfectly suited for social media,” said Peter Altieri, Livemercial COO. “Products like Spacebags, Alteril and Zorbeez often develop phenomenally passionate fans who want to share their stories with like-minded people. With SRP, we are offering an easy, low-risk way for our clients to connect these fans to online communities that grow organically through user-generated content.”

Research continues to prove the powerful influence of social media content on buying behavior and conversion, such as:

* According to Jupiter Research, social network users are three times more likely to trust peer opinions over advertising when making purchasing decisions
* According to BuzzAgent, one word-of-mouth conversation has the impact of 200 TV ads
* According to Marketing Sherpa, 87 percent of people trust a friend’s recommendation over a review by a critic

“With SRP, we can help our clients connect with the power of social media as part of an integrated marketing solution,” says Altieri. “As such, clients can leverage Livemercial analytics and performance tracking across all online channels, enabling the adjustment of marketing focus and messages in real-time – as well as tracking the return on investment for each online channel.”

The SRP platform is the latest addition to Livemercial’s online direct response marketing tools, which are used by the leading product marketers, innovators and brands. Other Livemercial innovations include a high-performance research and development solution called LiveLabs, which provides industry-leading campaign analysis models to design and deliver high-conversion direct response campaigns. LiveEye offers the industry’s first complete fraud and trademark protection service.

“We are extremely excited to introduce SRP, and believe that social media marketing is a perfect complement to our direct response services,” said Mathis. “We founded Livemercial with a mission to help inventors, entrepreneurs and companies bring new products to market as quickly, and as cost-effectively, as possible. Six years later, we have successfully combined the best direct marketing techniques with the latest online technologies. I expect that SRP will extend our success, and our lead in the industry, for many years to come.”

About Livemercial

Founded in 2002, Livemercial pioneered and is the largest provider of “instant on” streaming video for email, pop-ups, banners and direct response websites. The company leads the direct response industry in single product sales, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, social media and e-commerce solutions to design, deploy and manage strategic online marketing campaigns including email procurement, banner and pop-up placement, search engine optimization and contextual marketing.