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MediaPoint Network Draws in Clients Looking to Capitalize on Performance-Based Ads in Financially Squeezed Market


ENCINO, Calif. – With the economy tightening up, many advertisers are looking for more efficient, less expensive ways to reach their customers. That means that Performance-Based Advertising (also known as Per Inquiry advertising) becomes a highly desirable alternative because the advertiser need not invest upfront money in a concerted and comprehensive campaign. The campaign is a revenue-sharing partnership between, the advertiser, MediaPoint Network, Inc® and its 750 affiliates.

So the timing is perfect for the launch of MediaPoint Network’s vibrant new website www.mediapointnetwork.com, which positions the company as the thoroughbred champion of the Performance-Based Advertising business.

“We selected the theme because MediaPoint Network has great thoroughbred blood lines as part of the Inter/Media Group of Companies, and we have clearly established ourselves as a front runner in our industry in terms of knowledge, depth of media affiliate network, media placement clout, testing, optimization and results,” said Jay Steven Levin, President and Chief Operating Officer of MediaPoint Network. “Prospective clients will need only to review the case histories on our website to see that our track record indeed puts our clients in the winner’s circle.”

MediaPoint Network is reaping the benefits of a tightening market where advertisers are willing to look at new strategies that drive revenue with limited expense. Frequently, MediaPoint Network joins with the various Inter/Media Group of Company business units on a client account, conducting an effective targeted traditional ad campaign coupled with a Performance-Based program that provides increased branding and sales across an even wider spectrum of media. MediaPoint Network also designs stand-alone programs for new clients, honing them to success with its affiliate media network partners until everyone wins in the equation.

Among the categories of clients who have signed on for MediaPoint Network’s comprehensive Performance-Based Ad campaigns are financial services including debt, mortgage and tax programs; health and beauty; health and life insurance; learning products; education; legal; travel; armed forces; household products; warranty programs, and collectables, to name a few.

Each campaign involves a planning stage; creative review; collaboration with media affiliates in television, radio and print; testing of offers; adjustment of various elements to optimize the program, sales and lead tracking, and revenue sharing amongst all parties—under the supervision of a senior MediaPoint Network executive, who is involved in a very hands-on manner. Every campaign is different, tailored to the advertiser, the product and the right media affiliates. MediaPoint Network affiliates include major cable networks and local networks and stations.

“Today’s economic climate favors capable Performance-Based programs as additional inventory becomes available resulting from advertising budget-spend fallout — across even top tier national advertisers in all categories from automotive to packaged goods,” said Levin. “With such inventory opportunities available, fixed price performance programs make smart sense for advertisers looking to get the right results at the right price, a hallmark of MediaPoint Network’s mission statement to advertisers—the right results at the right price.”

Contact Jay Levin at [email protected] or 1 (800) Time-Buy.

About Inter/Media Group of Companies

Inter/Media Advertising is a fully horizontal integrated $400-million advertising agency and media organization that uniquely blends direct response advertising with general market techniques. Founded in 1974 and recognized as a major force in the direct response advertising industry, Inter/Media also specializes in retail brand building and advertising support. Inter/Media’s proprietary and precedent-setting lead/sales tracking system AccuTrak® provides clients with statistical data on the specific origin of each customer response, enabling clients to maximize the value of vanity phone numbers and URLs. The company is comprised of nine business units–Inter/Media Advertising® (strategy, planning and research), Inter/Media Time Buying Corp® (offline media execution), Inter/Media Interactive (online planning, buying and creative), MediaPoint Network® (Performance-based advertising), Inter/Image Productions®, Inter/Post Productions® Editorial, and InterQuantum, LLC (retail brokering, marketing consulting), InfoTech Development™ (advertising and media metrics technology) and Bellatrix Media. Bellatrix Media includes the American Target Network, which features unwired networks comprised of cable, broadcast TV, and radio media. For more information, go to http://www.Intermedia-Advertising.com.


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