SearchIgnite Announces Complete Search + Display Measurement and Attribution Solution

Version 3.2 Centralizes Measurement and Attribution of Clicks, Impressions across PPC, SEO and Display for Improved Media Efficiency

ATLANTA – SearchIgnite, a leading provider of search optimization and digital reporting solutions, announced the release of Version 3.2 of its media management platform. Version 3.2 includes advanced features to help marketers address the complex challenges of managing multi-channel online campaigns.

“With the right tools in place, holistic management of online media provides a tremendous opportunity for sophisticated marketers,” said Roger Barnette, President of SearchIgnite. “Attribution of customer conversions across multiple clicks and exposures, as well as managing search and display campaigns together can lead to more optimized efforts across these channels, improve campaign effectiveness and increase return on ad spend.”

With SearchIgnite 3.2 advertisers can set custom attribution rules to credit an individual customer conversion across multiple assisting clicks and ad impressions. For example, if a consumer clicks on two of a marketer’s paid search ads and then an organic link before making a purchase, each of the three clicks could get equal credit for the purchase, rather than the last click receiving 100% of the credit as is typical with standard last click attribution.

Also in 3.2, SearchIgnite customers can integrate impression and click data from Dart for Advertisers (DFA) into the SearchIgnite platform in order to analyze display alongside the PPC, SEO, Paid Inclusion and Affiliate data tracked by SearchIgnite.

These latest features are essential for advertisers who want to properly measure their real ROI from all online advertising initiatives and achieve the best media optimization across search and other digital channels.

“SearchIgnite provides the most robust cross-channel solutions to help sophisticated online marketers better manage and optimize their campaigns,” said Justin Schaldone, COO of eFashion Solutions. “Since we switched to optimizing our campaigns with SearchIgnite, we’ve seen our ROI improve by over 40 percent.”

About SearchIgnite

SearchIgnite is the leading provider of search optimization and reporting solutions that help large, sophisticated marketers achieve their online marketing goals quicker and spend their advertising dollars smarter. The SearchIgnite media platform provides advertisers with an advanced suite of tools to manage, optimize, track and report on their paid search and other online media campaigns in one central dashboard. In addition, marketers who use SearchIgnite have the ability to gather insights into the relationship between media channels, enabling them to spend smarter. Some of the world’s leading brands and advertising agencies depend on SearchIgnite technology to power their online marketing campaigns.

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