Remarketing Increases Ad Response up to 400%

Drive Former Visitors Back to Your Site to Maximize Conversions and Build Greater Brand Awareness

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. –, a premier platform for Search, Display and CPA marketing, announced the availability of its powerful Remarketing Platform to all online marketers. Remarketing targets previous site visitors and brings them back with highly customized ads that maximize conversions and return on advertisers’ interactive spend. Through the use of a simple visitor tagging technique, advertisers create a custom population of highly qualified web users for current and future marketing campaigns.

Traditional online advertisements convert at an industry average of just four percent. Advertisers need more specialized solutions to maximize their online advertising spend. Remarketing has evolved from a high-level concept to a highly-effective advertising tool that works with all channels of traffic – Search, Display, SEO, CPA, Email, Natural – to reach the 96 percent of users who slip away after their initial site visit. Remarketing has been shown to improve ad response up to 400 percent across several clients.

Advertisers simply add a line of code to their sites which “tags” each visitor. When the visitor leaves and travels to other network web sites, new highly-targeted ads are served to bring them back to the original site for conversion. Targeting ads to users with proven interest greatly increases the likelihood of a conversion and raises brand awareness.

Remarketing Advertisers enjoy customized campaigns which allow them to:

* Customize their message based on browsing and purchase history
* Recognize user intent
* Geo-target down to Designated Marketing Area (DMA)
* Control the frequency of views
* Govern daily advertising spend
* Exclude ads from appearing on select domains

“Staying in front of prospects you know are interested is a powerful advantage for any marketer. Our Remarketing Platform gives advertisers a unique competitive edge. Having the ability to continuously engage users at the peak of their purchase process is very powerful,” said Daniel Yomtobian, CEO, “Remarketing gives us the ability to offer our advertisers another tool which is capable of delivering tremendous conversion results.” encompasses well-known brands such as ABCSearch, the largest privately held pay-per-click (PPC) search engine and a world leader in online cost-per-click (CPC) advertising and the award-winning social search engine, For more information on’s Remarketing Platform, or to advertise, please refer to the contact information below.

ABOUT ADVERTISE.COM is a premier platform for search and display, and CPA marketing that enables advertisers to reach a wider audience through our exclusive network of exclusive search and publisher partners. We have been leading the charge in online advertising since 2001, connecting thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day – now delivering more than 10 billion ad impressions each month. [1]

Offering a range of high-quality pay-per-click advertising, contextual targeting, performance marketing, banner ads and remarketing opportunities, is focused on providing the most effective, most affordable, and easiest-to-use search-and-display advertising platform in the industry.

[1] Metrics Impression Count, March 2009