Mixpo Expands Local Online Video Advertising Offering to Agencies

Mixpo for Agencies designed to extend advertisers’ local TV campaigns to the Web through simple-to-use, locally-targeted video display ad units called Xspots

SEATTLE – Mixpo (www.mixpo.com) announced an online video advertising offering for agencies designed to extend local TV ad campaigns to the Web. Mixpo for Agencies builds on success with media companies, including Comcast Spotlight, NBC Local Media and Tribune, to bring local, video display advertising capabilities to advertisers.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for TV advertisers to extend their local spot and cable strategies, and creative to the Web. The hurdle has been the complexity and cost of executing video and rich media advertising at the local level,” said Anupam Gupta, president and CEO of Mixpo. “Working with our media company partners and their advertisers over the past year has revealed the opportunity to answer those needs, which is why we are expanding our local online video advertising capabilities to agencies and in-house marketers. Our hope through our offerings for both sides of the local TV ecosystem is to facilitate a faster growth of the emerging local TV to the Web process.”

Today, local TV advertising is estimated as a $24.7 billion market, according to The Kelsey Group. Currently, $505 million is spent via online video advertising, but that number is projected to grow to $5.8 billion by 2013, according to eMarketer. Mixpo for Agencies bridges the divide between TV and Internet advertising by extending local TV spots to the Web through interactive online video display ads, simply called Xspots.

“Mixpo has provided a simple and effective solution for leveraging video to create rich, interactive online ad units, complete with clickable overlays,” said Michael Koontz, vice president, business development of LION New Media. “The Xspot makes it easy to produce a compelling ad online where we can dynamically rotate in new versions and information as needed. It’s perfect for changing offers or calls to action.”

“Mixpo for Agencies has allowed us to move our TV advertising efforts to the Web through online video,” said Marcia Schoelen, director of production, Citrus. “The production takes just minutes, including adding simple-to-use interactive graphics to deliver a local online video advertising campaign consistent with our TV strategy. And the reporting gives us a whole new level of insight into our campaigns.”

In addition to LION New Media and Citrus, initial agencies taking advantage of Xspots, include BrandMuscle, CMAEON, Innovative Radio Solutions and Media Plus+, among others.

“Mixpo for Agencies provides unique capabilities for both the national and local agency,” added Mixpo’s Gupta. “The Xspot provides interactive online advertising content tied to the TV they are already investing in, while retaining brand control at a national level and flexibility at the local level.”

About Mixpo

Mixpo is an online video advertising technology company focused on extending local TV advertising to the Web. Through a simple and powerful combination of production, campaign management and reporting tools, Mixpo enables media companies and advertising agencies to deliver interactive video campaigns via standard display ad units. To find out more about Mixpo, please visit us at www.mixpo.com.