Hothand Wireless Next Generation Mobile Advertising

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. – Hothand Wireless announced expansion of their university merchant network at UCLA. Mobile marketing is hot and now at UCLA, and soon across the nation, students can access Hot Deals on any web-enabled phone or wireless device anytime, anywhere! It is easy, free, and green.

In today’s competitive environment it’s important for businesses to reach students on their phones. Students are glued to their phones. Some call their cell phones a “second skin.” Natasha Marshall, Marketing Supervisor at Whole Foods, said, “Students live on their phones. With Hothand we can reach students on their phones and update our offers every week. It keeps it fresh and the students check in to find the latest promotions.”

Hothand’s secret to success is its proprietary menu-driven mobile web platform that gives advertisers repeated and sustainable exposure to students. Rather than being bombarded with text messages, students access deals on the web when they need them. With a couple clicks a hungry student can find information or save some cash with a mobile coupon from a local restaurant. No paper coupons to lose or forget. The offer is on the phone!

Randy Jaramillo, Hothand’s President, said, “The mobile web is the future of mobile marketing. The cell phone is a very personal device and allowing consumers to access information on a mobile website rather than pushing information to them respects the relationship. Google’s recent acquisition of AdMob reinforces the value of mobile advertising without special technology or text messaging.”

Partnering with universities allows Hothand to create a network of mobile websites that students go to repeatedly to view university information and Hot Deals. Students get hyper-local information because the business locations are right in their university community.

Hothand is expanding its merchant network to the more than 50 universities it serves across the nation. Mark Powell, University of Nebraska Campus Recreation added, “We are excited to partner with Hothand to provide offers to our students and access to the companies that support Campus Recreation.”

Jaramillo added, “We are providing a timely and valuable connection for students and merchants. Both have responded enthusiastically to this new approach to mobile marketing.”

Universities, students and companies can get more information at or by contacting Tim Leets (949-581-2840 or [email protected]).